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stefkay - April 5

My dd is 9 mos old and starting a while back I posted about her being constipated. Well, I don't know that it was ever really constipation as that is when they can't go...she has bowel movements but she cries when she has them. She gets really tense and turns red (I always know now when it is happening and I pick her up and hold her or massage her tummy) and starts crying. Oh it breaks my heart! Has anyone else experienced this and is it normal or not? My mom says NO and that she never remembers us (me and my siblings) doing that. I worry too b/c my dd's older half brother has bad bowel issues (he's 10 and he still goes in his pants because I believe he gets impacted). It's scary! Anyways, I still bf her and do solids (only 2 times a day on the food) and I thought br___tmilk is supposed to help the bowels move!? I give about 4 oz of water mixed with an ounce of juice per day too. I just don't see why this would be happening? When it happened this morning I checked out the poop--SORRY TMI--and it is formed and fairly hard. Not super hard, but definitely not "soft". Agh!!!! Any advice? She doesn't go to the pedi till April 23rd.


DDT - April 5

I would cut out all constipating foods for a few days (maybe even a week). So, no cereal, starches or bananas. I would also give her diluted prune or pear juice instead of the apple. Foods like pears, prunes & peaches help with constipation issues or just getting the bowels moving better. If things haven't gotten better after about a week then I would go to the doc and describe what is happening when she has a bowel movement. Let him know about the family history. My ds1 used to ans still does cry when having a hard bowel movement. It's usually when its too big for his bum hole (sorry if tmi). Maybe that's the case for your dd? Is she expericing pain every time she has a bowel movement or is it only sometimes? is she having a bowel movement every day. I don't know if my boys are particularly regular but they go every day, and ds2 (10 months old) will often go 2x a day. Hope I have been some help.


stefkay - April 5

Thanks DDT, no she does not go every day but when she goes one day she will often go 2 or 3 times that day...small poos eacch time but harder and formed. Yes, I know it is that it is too big for her bum hole as They are like big rocks! Not long and soft like softserve ice cream. Ugh, i know this is gross, lol. She does not cry every bowel movement, but a lot of them I noticed. Just now she finally had a very soft one which does not happen often. I realized I gave her pears for breakfast too so good deal! I do give her cereal each day and I give her less bananas, but still have been about 3 times a week. I'll cut them and I also noticed the fruit juice I'm mixing with water for her is banana/apple juice. So I should get pear juice instead? I know she HATES prune anything and won't touch it :( I don't want to try too much liquid (water or water/juice) either because I've read that is not good for babies b/c it fills their tummy and they don't get as much food and nutrients that they need.


Malica - April 6

What type of cereal are you giving her? Rice cereal can be quite constipating for some. Oatmeal is supposed to be better. Pears are a decent option, but prunes really are the best. Can you mix in even 1-2 spoons with her fruit, or use prune juice with her water? If you do that every day that's usually enough to keep things moving. (A whole container of prunes is usually a recipe for a whole lot of messy STINK!!! lol). I'd even skip the banana for now (also constipating) and switch it out for just about any other fruit. Pear, apple sauce, mango... they're all miles better than banana.


clindholm - April 6

Barley cereal is also helpful for constipation. I would push the fruits (no banana's)and veggies. Also, the more liquids, the better. The fiber from the fruits won't help if there is not enough liquid. Prunes do work well, maybe you can try mixing with other fruits to get her to take it. My lo still battles constipation as well. Stay away from cheese which can also bind. You can use glycerine suppositories if you need to but you don't want to use them too much. If all diet changes fail, you can use Miralax which works quickly. Good luck, I know how painful it is to watch them struggle and cry.


stefkay - April 7

I give her oatmeal and just recently added the multi grain cereal and brown rice cereal. She's had these poop issues for a while though before I added the other grains. I may try mixing in some prune juice with her breakfast. I do a lot of mangos, papayas, apples and pears. Bananas not at all lately and she still gets the poops that hurt her. I try water and she just won't drink much even with a bit of juice mixed in. I'll keep trying though. I hate to use any type of laxative or suppository because she is not constipated, just has a hard time getting the poop out. I guess my main concern over what to do about it is WHY is it happening? This doesn't seem normal, or is it? It doesn't seem right that she should have to take in so much extra liquid over her b___stmilk to keep this from happening. She only eats a fraction of what all the charts say she should be eating for solids at this age too!


Malica - April 7

It's pretty common for infants to have periods of constipation as their digestive system adjusts to all the new solid foods they are getting. It can take days for dietary changes to affect their poops especially the more subtle changes like removing bananas from her diet. We used to keep prunes on hand and would end up adding a spoon to our DD's fruit a few times a week. Meant we were throwing out most of the container because we couldn't use it fast enough, but it worked wonders. Add about 1-2 tsps to her fruit twice a day and you'll see a big improvement within a couple of days.


Charlibabe - April 10

Stef Brooky had the same problem..I felt so very bad. So I know how you are feeling!!


Charlibabe - April 10

I had to make sure she drank one bottle of juice a day, and if it was really bad I gave her a small bottle of Apple Prune juice. It seemed to help a lot. I dont know, but she had the same problem!


stefkay - April 13

Thanks girls I feel much better, I guess I am overly worried because of her half brother and his pooping issues...I just don't want her to go through that and be pooping her pants when she is 10! yikes :) Anyways, it sounds common and I'm giving her the gerber apple/prune juice mixed with water each day. I was putting it in a sippy and she'd drink it but not much, just sips here and there. When Iput it in a bottle she sucks it down so I might just have to do the bottle so she gets more fluid rather than worrying about her drinking from a sippy like I'd like her to. I also bought some gerber prunes and am mixing a teaspoon or so with each meal so she'll get it without tasting it too much. I don't want to cut the cereals b/c that gives her iron and stuff but I've cut bananas for now. I'll let you all know how it goes!


Wellis10 - April 17

Kayro Syrup found in the pie ile at the grocery store. The dark kind. It works great, you can use it on infants too. 1tsp per 4 ozes of milk. It is sweet so your kids will love it. Do this for every bottle or cup you make them until she goes regularly. Then you can use benefiber if you want to. Prunes, whole grains and lots of veggies. I also use the V8 splash juice for veggies and fruits. Stay away from the strawberry and banana kind. Any other kind is good. This is only to give them veggie and fruits not to fix constipation. They also have veggie chips made by **** farm. They are really good, esp the tomato one. Mirlax is also good for constipation, it can be good for 6months and older per my ped. Don't use the full 17grams thou, just use enough to cover the bottom of the cap 1 time a day. It is not like most laxatives, it will not make them go ASAP,


stefkay - April 20

Thanks so much...I am going to do the Karo syrup. I resisted for what reasons I don't know, but this is ridiculous! because we went out of town for the weekend I actually only gave her solids one time and it was a whole jar of prunes. She ate it up! I only gave her b___stmilk for the rest of the time and she STILL has the firm poops and cried horribly each time she went (maybe once a day). So no bananas in a while, not even solids for almost 3 days and still having the issues. I don't get it. She pees a lot and has lots of wet diapers so she's not dehydrated so I can't figure it out. Tomorrow is her dr. appt. so I will ask more and let you all know what the pedi says...


Teddyfinch - April 29

hey stefkay. i hope things have improved by now, but if not, i thought i'd add my advice. my daughter was having some bowel issues and her ped told me that if they look like rabbit poo, or little pebbles, then it's constipation and something needs to be done. the juice works well, but it is more suggested to be one part juice to one part water. so at her age, maybe 2.5oz of juice and 2.5oz of water per day should help. also, my daughter had BIG problems with apple juice. it is a very rough juice for a lot of babies, and even adults. i have since switched her to pear juice and she loves it! it is true that b___stfed babies don't poo as much but that's because they absorb most of the milk rather than pa__s it like formula. i have to say, though, that i suggested the karo syrup to my ped and he said no that it is a very bad idea. it's not that the poo can't come out, it's that it's too hard when it's forming. if you're going to go for sweetening something for her, get a sprite and shake it until it's flat and mix equal parts of sprite and water. the sugar in the water will loosen her stool and the pear juice will help keep things moving. if you give karo, you'll have more problems on your hands (and probably all over her clothes) than you'd like.


stefkay - April 29

Teddyfinch, when I saw the pedi she had a sign on her wall that said NO honey or karo syrup to babies under 1 so I asked why and she explained the whole thing with bacteria etc if you put it in a bottle. She said if I really want to I could give her some from a spoon but that it's just the sugar that gets the bowels moving and to just use juice (even full strength non diluted) to do the job instead, like you said. She isn't liking the sippy cup but I'm trying to get more juice/water. I've started doing a whole jar of prunes every morning for breakfast because she does like them. Monday she had an explosive runny poo which was nice for once, lol and since then not much of anything but no crying ones! Pear juice is what we have for her and I'm going to toss the apple/banana juice I have since those two things apparently make the problem worse.


Wellis10 - April 29

My son had serious constipation issues from the time he was born until he was a little over 2. I would watch my child turn purple and cry and nothing would come out. He would do this many times a day with no results. I would open his diaper and his b___t hole was open and I could see up inside his b___t because the poo was so hard it stopped mid way out and his b___t could not close because he was pushing so hard. I had to pick it out with a q-tip.I tryied the juices, the prunes, the pears, everything.....nothing seemed to work...Finally after amny months of heart ache and crying from my sonand breaks your heart to watch your son try so hard and he couldn't go, tears running down his face and screaming from the exhaustion and pain. My ped finally told me about the Karo syrup. Yes, if you use to much it can become a mess, but at least it works. Also if you only use 1 tsp per 4 ozes of milk, juice, watch or whatever you want to mix it will be fine. After they have a smooth poo, stop the karo and start something with plenty of fiber. MY ped told me that sometimes kids hold there bowl movements or don't go when they should and their bodies reabsorbs the water in your intestines which pulls the water out of your poo too, causing the poo to get hard and not move like it should. So, if you child has serious constipation....i would try the Karo. It works great!!! If you have not tried the juices and prunes I recommend you try that first....but when all else fails...the Karo will work. O' and Karo is not like Honey...honey is all natural so there is a bacteria that can cause harm but there is no research that says that Karo has that bacteria in it. Some peds are just not sure so they say no to Karo.....but My ped here in Virginia does a lot of studies and has been on TV for her success and all kinds of stuff.....So I trust her. She is very well know. Her name is Sandra Baucom


stefkay - April 30

Wellis, thank you. I almost wanted to cry reading your post. I KNOW exactly how that feels to watch that. I've seen her try to make poops just like that and it hurts me so much. I am just going to hold on to the karo and know i can use it if the prunes and juice fail. Thanks to all of you ladies for helping me on this! I hope that it gets better--I just want to avoid putting her on laxatives at this young of an age or any meds the dr. could give her. I hope that as she weans from b___stfeeding and gets more regular with her meals and fluid intake it will all sort out.


jhughes1207 - February 3

My daughter just turned 1 and has been this same way since she was 6 months old i have tried everything even the doctor gave her lactulose and it did nothing to help her i did notice someone said to try miralax how would i give her if i tried it? i did notice that it doesnt hurt her as much to go if i sit her on the toilet when shes ready to go she still cries but shes not crying as hard or as long as she used to maybe you can try that



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