Help Dd Has Turned Into A Snacky Eater

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USMC_wife - February 9

dd used to be very on schedule, she would eat about 3-4 ounces every 3 hours.. Now, she will only eat little bits at a time, and falls asleep, wakes up to eat and so on. She will spit the bottle out, so I can't even just keep her awake to eat. Sometimes she doesn't fall asleep she just spits it oiut. It seems like this all started when she got her 2 month shots, or around that time frame. What do I do, it's driving me nuts!


mandee25 - February 9

What I did when my ds was doing the same thing was once he fell asleep I would change his diaper and he would wake up and most of the time he would take more milk. Another trick is to undress her down to her diaper. Is she just over 2 months old right now?


lin7604 - February 9

i was going to sk too how old she is right now? my ds is 15.5 weeks and he has been doing the same thin this week. He has done this before too and they were always phases. All this week he will eat 3 oz after he wakes from a nap and then 1 hr later he wants the rest ( 2oz-2.5oz) as before he would eat a 5-6 oz bottle no problem. why? why do they do these mind boggling things?


Linda99 - February 9

I had the same problem with my DS, now 15 weeks. I found that cutting back the amount I fed him at the 2 hour mark, maybe only allowing an ounce instead of 2, 3 or 4 (whatever your little one is eating now) he would fall back asleep and wake up hungrier. The diaper changing thing won't work if she's eating her max every 2 hours, only if she's still hungry. I went through all of that too... undressing him and everything. That definitley works when I know he should have eaten more and just fell asleep, but if she's getting full on say 2 oz every 2 hours then you have to cut back on a feeding, let her get hungrier, the next bottle she should take more, then see if she's looking to eat again in 2 hours, if so cut it back again. I'm doing the same thing right now to try and eliminate his middle of the night feeding and get him to take a full 6oz. Good luck!


USMC_wife - February 10

Yeah, she is 2 1/2 mos now. So far today she has eaten her whole bottle each time, about every 3 hours. Lets hope it continues! She sleeps throught the night so well, she will eat at around 9 pm, and not wake to eat again until 5-6 am. Thanks for the great advice ladies. If she starts the snacking again I will definetly give it a try!


lin7604 - February 10

i tried to cut back a feeding hoing he will get real hungry but at the 2 hr ark he will jsut cry and cry until he gets something to eat, wether it is a full5 or 3.



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