Help For TEETHING Please

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bbmax - February 2

I've tried everything. Tempra, Orajel, rubbing, frozen teething rings, everything. My baby has been crying non stop biting his knuckle for over an hour. Is there anything else I can try??????


lynnstress - February 2

If you know your baby's weight, use some infant Tylenol to help with the pain - unless Tempra is a pain reliever too. And try rubbing a cool washcloth along the gums - the counterpressure and cool can help. Or try just giving a room temperature teether - maybe your baby doesn't know what to make of that frozen thing in his/her mouth! Just remember, it's hell for a while but it does stop eventually.


knpandrews - February 2

Try Hylands teething tablets and or Hylands teething gel. The tablets dissolve almost instantly under your babies tongue. I was iffy about putting it in my 5 month olds mouth but it took not even a second to dissolve. I just started using them tonight but I hope they work. Also, you can put a little bit of whiskey on a q-tip and just put a little bit on his / her gums. It will just knumb it. You can combine the two. The whiskey is a old remedy and seems to work very well.


jillianT - February 2

whiskey????? you are kidding, right?


Keli - February 2

I'm sure our parents all used whisky on us, we turned out ok.... lol the teething tablets work pretty well. good luck


jillianT - February 3

yeah... they also didn't use carseats then either... i guess it'd be ok w/ you if someone drove your child around in a car w/out a carseat then?


jessb - February 3

NO of course not. Whiskey is an old rememdy. I dont recommend it but it probably works. A very little bit on Q-tip rubbed on the gums probably works. Or course infant tylenol or motrin probably works better.


k.p.j.e. - February 3

ha know what, my grampa used to not just rub whiskey on his kids' gums, but he would seriously put a couple drops in their BOTTLE with their milk. Don't know what age, but they were teething. Now that is way worse! And none of them turned out to be alcoholics...but one smokes a lot of pot:)


k.p.j.e. - February 3

It was rum actually...not whiskey. Same idea.


LollyM - February 3

If there is a tooth cutting through and the gum is raw, the whisky will sting, but if there are no teeth out yet, I think it would work. I never tried it though. I just used oragel and Tylenol and let dd chew on my knuckle and b___st-fed allot.


LollyM - February 3

oh yeah, distraction also helps!


aurorabunny - February 3

Wow. Whiskey. I don't say this much, but that's just IGNORANT. Anywhoo---my son is getting 3 in at once right now and has a hard time manuevering some of his teethers around, but loves to bite on the edge of a washcloth that is frozen or has really cold water on it. I usually just run a corner of the washcloth under ice cold water and leave the rest dry so he doesn't get his hands wet. Seems to help. Good luck. Give the teething tablets a try as well, I am pretty sure they are safe and it least they won't give your baby alcohol poisoning, lol sheesh.


bbmax - February 3

I've never heard of teething tablets but I'll look for some. He's still sleeping through the nights at least. I don't think a tiny drop of alcohol would cause poisoning so jillianT, I know you are just trying to be helpful and I appreciate it. Thank you.


sophandbob - February 3

oh was given special moves at baby ma__sage too for jaw ma__sage. Involved making smiles along babies mouth and extending so you are drawing a clown type mouth, then doing rotating circles on cheek bones.



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