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CassJ - February 16

I took ds to the doctor today and they said he has some sort of virus. His temp was103 there.Well I have been giving him Tylenol and his temp is still 102. What do I do? Should I take him back to the doctor? Is that temp dangerous? Help! thanks.


aurorabunny - February 16

How old is he?


Nerdy Girl - February 16

I can't remember the age cut-off for the various fevers, but if you have that AAP book you can look it up. The hospital I was at gives free copies of the AAP book. My now 14-month-old had a bad fever about a month or so ago that hovered in the mid 103's for a few days. I was at the doc and on the phone with them quite a bit. The danger zone for his age is 104, so they told me to page anytime of the day or night if it ever hit 104. The main thing is alternating tylenol and motrinm unless he is under 6 months - then you cannot do motrin yet. Also, get his EXACT dose from the doc because if you are not giving him enough it will not do anything. My son is large and now takes Childrens tylenol and motrin, not infant's version. And his actual dose given by the doc is more like the 4 year old dose on the side of the box.


Nerdy Girl - February 16

It's scary, but don't panic. I know it's easier said than done. But I can tell you that I was cheering when I was able to get my son's temp around 102 for more than a few hours when we went thru that fever phase.


Momof5 - February 16

How old is your son?? Usually if tylenol is not getting the temp down they will give tylenol and motrin together. A baby under 6 months can't have motrin though.. call your Dr first and ask them if this is ok for your baby.. And I think a high temp is not dangerous until it reaches 104 or 105.. I hope your lo feels better soon


Ca__sJ - February 16

He is 7.5 months old


krnj - February 16

My son's temp was around 103 the other day. My mil is a ped nurse and she said not to panic until it's over 104. Luckily the Tylenol kicked in. How is your ds doing?


Ca__sJ - February 16

My ds is okay. I am so worried about him. I put him to bed about an hour ago and then I took his temp while he was sleeping and it was 99.8 but I don't know how accurate that was. Do you do ear readings or rectal???


Rhiannon - February 17

Ca__sJ, How is your son today? I hope he feels better.


Rabbits07 - February 17

Ca__sJ, the nurse at our pedi office told me to always do rectal temps at home. She told me that the ear thermometers are very inaccurate. She said if they register a temp on the ear thermometer over 102 that they are required to take it again rectal to confirm (in infants). She said they have had the readings be as high as 2 degrees different either way! She said she doesn't know why they even use the ear thermometers except that they are just so much faster, but if you are sacrificing accuracy then what's the point?



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