Help I Am So Nervous

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Rachael mommy2lucas - December 30

My dh is going to watch our son tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday all by himself, all day long all 3 days. He has a hard time doing two or three hours at a time. I really have noone else to do it, and my mil is out of town! He is a good daddy and all, but my son gives him h__l, and dh has no clue about what to do with him. I give him helpful hints, write stuff down, but I have visions of him calling every hour while I am at work with my son screaming in the background. I will be a wreck at work. I know thais is something I need to let the two of them work out on their own, but that doesn't help my nerves! I know he is nervous too. He does not grasp the concept that a lot of times, Lucas does not let you get anything done, he is going to have to accept that. Plus, nobody takes as good care of him as I doLOL! But I am not nervous when any of his grandmas have him.


monica - December 30

Rachael I felt the same way first time DH took care of Caleb....granted it was only for 3 hours it went OK. Lets just say your DH will be exhausted by the end of the day. Its not easy not even for us mommies but rest a__sure daddy will take very good care of him. Its normal to feel nervous the first time, but its great bonding time for the two of them.


C - December 30

I was out of sick time and my son was sick. My hubby offered to stay home with him and I was shocked and nervous. My hubby who acts like he doesn't know how to do anything did a fine job. The only thing that I was worried about was when I came home he only had used two of the 4 bottles I made so I'm sure the little guy was HUNGRY. Just like I act like I don't know how to mow the lawn he acts like he doesn't know how to take care of the baby. In the end it's pretty much common sense/trial and error. He'll be fine.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 30

You guys are right! LOL C at the lawn mowing thing! I totally do that. I was the oldest of two daughters, so my dad had to teach someone to do the yard/car work! I know he needs to do this and get a real feel for it. Maybe he'll even have a new respect for me for being able to do that job for 24/7


Heidi - December 30

Oh god I know how you feel. I think I left Emma with her dad for a whopping 30 minutes and she was probably napping when I left. One time I went to the gym and 15 minutes later he called with her screaming in the background. She was only 4 wks old then. He's been getting better and not getting so upset when she cries but I still can't imagine him being with her very long. He's going to be picking her up from daycare but he'll only be home with her for about 15 minutes before I get home. My poor kid! Ha ha! I know when she gets a little older he'll be better with her. I think some men just don't have that infant understanding like mommys do. And like you said, I don't worry when her grandma's sit with her and of course mommy is the best!


Kathryn - December 30

I felt the same way when I went back to work. I just had in my mind that it would be a total flop, but as it turned out, they were just fine. My husband now stays home with him about three days a week. They both love it.



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