Help Im Screwed

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AmberLee - February 27

So, even thought everyone told us.... DONT LET HIM SLEEP IN YOUR BED... we did it anyway... Everyone told me- DONT NURSE HIM TO SLEEP... i did it anyway.... Now Conner has been crying for almost an hour in his crib... tired as h__l. Hes a year old, and still cannot soothe himself.. someone help. I need advice. Ive got my s_x drive back, and want him outta the bed! :)


olhdw101 - February 27

I need to know this exact same problem!


krnj - February 27

I'm in the same boat too but we sleep on the couch. Now I'm pregnant again & I want him off of me! lol How old is he?


rl- - February 27

well all you can do is wait it out at this point he will soon realize that he has to sleep in his crib. Just look at this as a learning thing I did the same thing with my first well sorta I would put him to bed in his crib then if he woke up durning the night I would put him in our bed well that only worked for so long then I wanted him to stay in his own bed all night so we went thru a couple of nights of hell but he soon learned to sleep all night in his own bed. I learned from my mistake and did not do that again LOL I have 3 all together and the last two have not slept with us at all they sleep in their own beds good luck!!


ashtynsmom - February 27

Does he take a pacifier, or have you tried one to help soothe him? My dd will not sleep without one, and that is the only time she get it- naps & bedtime. She is 13 mos.


torbman - February 27

Joel is 9 1/2 months and we too just last week said enough was enough, and kicked him back to the crib. Its great, however he still doesn't like to sleep through the night. I am running up the stiars every half hur it seems to give him the soother. He doesn't seem to wake up fully enough to grab it himself. So although he is now in the crib.... he still isn't sleeping through the night.


AmberLee - February 27

Conner is 1 and he wont even look at a pacifier.. hes b___stfed also...... just a few mins ago, he picked up the nursing pillow and dragged it over to me....



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