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stefkay - March 16

Hi! Well, my 8.5mo old dd does not like meat. I make her baby food and have been pretty successful with most veggies and fruits. She's not warmed up to zucchini or most green veggies but other than that she does ok. So recently I made chicken and beef. I used chicken br___ts and low sodium chicken broth and sirloin with low sodium beef broth to make the purees. She will not eat them...I can get her to take a little down if I mix the meat with like sweet potatoes, but it's always a struggle. I went and bought some gerber jarred meats to see if they were better and those things smelled worse than my homemade stuff. NASTY! I don't blame her for not eating it but am at a loss. I've been trying to introduce some other different fruits and veggies too (like papaya and zucchini) but she's not having it. She'd be happy with bananas and sweet potatoes all day yet i feel she is supposed to have variety. Oh and if she won't eat for that meal she ends up missing a whole meal because she often won't take even stuff she likes after rejecting something new. It's a huge waste of food too to make up 2 meals and have her not want either....sigh....


Whitney - March 17

Good question - my god I know how frustrated you are ... my 8 month old also hates meat! I have tried it by itself, mixed with her favorite veggies & I even tried just mixing it with fruit, like peaches or mangos with a little chicken & as soon as she tastes it, she just clamps her mouth shut & refuses another bite. I think I might just give up for now (this has been going on daily for 3 weeks) & try again next month. I did pick up some tofu the other day & thought of blending it up with her fruits & veggies because it also has protien & is often used as a meat subsitute for vegans, I haven't tried it yet but I may tonight or tomorrow. Sorry I'm not much help, but I am also looking for idea's on how to get her to eat some meat.


DDT - March 17

Hi, I think you should just keep trying. I believe it can take up to 15 attempts at a new food before baby accepts it. And maybe at the end of the day she will prefer eating her meat finger food-style when she is a little older. To ease your mind about her protein intake you can always make home-made bean puree (ds1 loved black beans in particular), or fruit-flavoured tofu (another fav of ds1). I had and still do have problems with ds1 eating anything with texture. He has major aversion even at 2 years old. I have just learnt to be creative when it comes to food. I never used broth with my meat, but water. Hopefully it's not the saltiness of the broth that's turning her off. Good luck!


stefkay - March 17

Thanks!Whitney same thing here...I tried mangos and papayas with the chicken too. DDT, I wondered about the broth as well but used low sodium from a health food store and it only had like 100mg sodium as opposed to 630 or something like that in the regular. I also used part broth part water so I didn't use a ton of broth. It tasted about like the store bought jar meat, but a bit better (more real where the jarred stuff tasted like processed lunch meat). I may try again for a bit with fruits like apples or the old sweet potato standby. If she refuses again this week I may hold off until she is older and try tofu or beans. I wasn't even sure if they HAVE to have meat or protein type food until later or not.


Camsmommy - March 31

how old should your baby be to introduce meats?


Whitney - April 3

Well, just in case your wondering Stefkay - I tried tofu mashed with avocado & my daughter HATED it, & she usually loves avocado's. Itried it myself, & found the tofu just gross, no wonder she didn't eat it. But I talked to her Dr. about it, & he said he didn't start feeding his own daughter meats until she was 12 months because it was giving her digestive issues, so I feel a WHOLE lot better. He said as long as she getting fed b___stmilk/formula as opposed to cows milk, & eating iron fortified cereals - she will be getting the protein & iron she needs. He also suggested introducing lentils if I was concerned, & usually make my own food, but I tried a jar of Heinz baby food that was a veggie mix with lentils & she liked that. So I have been giving her a couple of those a week & I keep trying chicken usually every other day still.


stefkay - April 4

Thanks Whitney, yeah I kind of gave up on the meats for now. I have a ton frozen in the freezer and they should last a couple more months so I may try some later with different combos. I am going to ask her pedi about different foods because I've been reading to add cheese, etc. (This baby food book I bought) and I'm not sure about some of the things the author suggests. If I can start some new things I may be able to make the chicken more appetizing to her. My dd will be 9 months next week so she's still pretty young. She's doing well with cereals and regular veggies by now though so I think it just takes time. I realized too that I was feeding her at times she wasn't very hungry so it wasn't really the food she was rejecting as much as just food in general. I can't feed her on any type of "breakfast, lunch and dinner" schedule as she snack nurses all day. If I want to get her to eat I have to do it when she hasn't nursed in a while. I usually always get breakfast in early before nursing her so she will eat the cereal.


One GRIM Mama - June 11

GRIM has started really enjoying meats, I think she's 9-9.5 months, now. We've been doing what I call "and meat" baby foods for her afternoon/evening time meals. She LOVES veggies (particularly squash or greens) and took like a pro to Macaroni and Cheese once we realized it was just too thick for her (Beech-Nut) and started thinning it out with a little water. We saw something called Vegetable Risotto with Cheese from Gerber and gave that a shot. Gangbusters! Found something from Beech-Nut called Good Nights (Turkey and veg dinner, Chicken Noodle dinner, etc) that combined meat with her favorite flavors. Sweet Potato and Turkey she'll eat a ton of, mostly because she loves sweet potatoes. It smells really good, too. We've since tried her on Ham, Pineapple and Rice dinner, which was a no-go. Next is the one we found last night, salmon in a vegetable mix of some sort - can't quite remember. Definitely keep coming back to the meats as they get older. GRIM is likewise stubborn about opening her mouth for anything once she's been given a bite of something she doesn't want. We've gotten a work around in saying "taste" if it's something we want her to try (or an old favorite if we're switching foods mid-meal) and "eat" in combination with the sign-language motion when it's something she's been eating. New foods get one or two spoonfuls after she's started losing interest in eating. Not when she's full, but when she's less focused on eating and more on looking at the straps of her high chair, etc. That way, if she doesn't like it, she's already eaten a meal. We also keep the separate foods in very different dishes at the table. For instance, when we tried the turkey and sweet potatoes the first time, she was eating green beans in her brightly two-colored Crayola toddler spoon from an old Gerber jar. When we switched to the new food, it was in a black ramican (tiny bowl for, say, a side of dressing in a restaurant) and fed with a rubber-over-metal Gerber spoon. We show her, new spoon.. new 'bowl'.. new food. This has kept her from confusion about flavors changing. She's sharp enough to catch if we stick to one spoon/dish combo but use say a blue set for one and red for another, she knows it's a separate food.



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