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Hello - January 30

Ok my month old daughter is having a problem. She hates to sleep. She gets so over tired that she screams for hours. I feel like sure a horrible mom. I can't get her to sleep. During the day she takes good naps but once it hits evening forget it. She cries all the time it seems like! I feel like I am a bad mommy because she cries so much! She will fall asleep in my arms on my chest but once I put her down she wakes up and we start all over. We have even tried the car and that works pretty well but then I have to take her out of the carrier and she wakes up. I can hold her for hours and she will sleep but once you put her in her swing, crib, bounce she wakes up all over again! What can I do?


Barb - January 30

I wish I had some really good advice....but Trinity did this too and I just had to wait for her to grow out of it : / you could try "swaddling" her tightly in a blanket,babies usually love that bc they were so tight in the womb. You can also rock her, or "shhhhhhhh" her...I know it sounds funny, but if you hold her close and get in her ear and go "shhhhhhh" kind of loudly , it calms them... so does the vacc_me! And if she is falling asleep in her carrier seat, maybe just leave her in there...she too young to crawl out and get hurt....put it next to your bed and maybe get a few hours of sleep that way. Hope that helps : ) it WILL get better,promise!


Hello - January 30

Barb: I do the Shhhh thing and it works for a while but then she starts crying again! Thanks for the advice.


jg - January 30

We had the same problem, and the only thing to do was to let our son cry himself to sleep in his ba__sinet. If we held him and then put him down it would wake him because of the change in position/warmth etc. So we put him in his ba__sinet as soon as he started to show signs of itredness (jerky movements, face scrunching up, yawning). We swaddled him with his arms in, as often we found that his arms would jerk in his sleep which would wake him up. Then we left the room. It was awful as he screamed and screamed and screamed. But it wasn't too long before there was a pause in the crying. It started up again, but then there was a pause. And it kept going like that for what seemed like forever, but eventually he went off to sleep. It was only two or three nights of that, and then he just went to sleep by himself, and ever since, we put him down awake, and he goes off to sleep by himself. We do that for all his sleeps and he is a great sleeper now. It's an awful process but worth it.


Barb - January 30

hmmm....well I do know 1 thing: you're NOT a horrible mom! you're concerned and love your baby : ) when Trinity was a month old I was b___stfeeding exclusively and just kept her next to me in the bed...didn't get much sleep myself..I always tried to lay her down, but she'd wake up...but I kept trying and one night she just did NOT wake up : ) she just grew out of it....but 1 other thing I DID do was put a heavy warm blanket on her bc I think she liked the warmth of my bed and felt she got cold when I put her down...that seemed to help. but... I never left her in that blanket, I eventually took it off her after she was asleep bc of the fear of SIDS....


Meredith - January 30

I had this problem with my first. I do not remember anything helping except her growing out of it. If she only wakes up when you take her out of the carrier, just let her sleep there, it will not hurt her for now, and you could get some peace. I feel for you.


Kaeli - January 30

So far I havent had this problem, but a friend of mine did. She would put something warm in the crib to warm the sheets up a bit so it wasnt such a chilly transition, she said it really seemed to help when she put her little one down. I think she would put a towel or something in the dryer for a few minutes then lay it on the sheets in the crib before she put the baby down. Hope that helps. Good luck!


Katie - January 30

You are not alone. Olivia did this also. She would be happy and take good naps during the day but once evening hit my little monster followed. She would cry for 4-6 hours with little snoozes in there. I eventually had to change her to soy formula at about 6 weeks old. It doesn't sound like you are having formula problems though. Most babies are typically fussy in the evening hours. She will grow out of it. I know it hurts to think that our little ones are miserable. The advise that the others gave is about the same that I would. The only other thing I can think of is try to rule out gas or tummy upset. I don't know if you are b___st feeding or not, but some formulas can upset thier little tummies. Olivia would finally go to sleep for 5-6 hours or so at some point in the night and wake up happy but after her daytime feedings I think the formula caught up to her and she would be very ga__sy at night. Once I switched her to soy she was arguably better she is 4 mos old now and sleeps great in her crib all night long she still gets typical baby fussiness but nothing like the first 6 weeks.


karine - January 31

i also say..let him cry to sleep for a few nights, just make sure he isnt chocking, my son was the same, and it worked for me, it will be hard at first on you, but it will be worth it.


Lisastar9 - January 31

Her not sleeping could be due to being ga__sy,maybe try buying gas drops,ans see if it helps.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 31

If she falls asleep in the carrier/carseat, have you tried leaving her in it until she wakes up during the night? We haven't ever had to do that but I have heard of alot of people who do so they can get some sleep.


Tami - January 31

Kailey STILL does this and she is four months old! :) our solution is that she sleeps with us at least half the night. Sometimes we can't get her to sleep until late, but it varies. This is strange but we place her in the swing outside the bathroom and turn on the shower so that it is hitting the shower curtain. Since she was a few weeks old, this will conk her out instantly. We then will turn off the shower and let her sleep in the swing for awhile with it going, then turn off the swing. I admit, she has spent the night in the swing before to save my sanity. Also, try watching (just rent it from the library or something) The Happiest Baby on the Block. That sure worked for us.


Me - January 31

We all go through this stage. It's really hard, I know. What worked for my baby was giving a bath, followed by a bottle and then we would swaddle her for bed.


jodie - February 1

My son is the same way except he sleeps at night and cries for naps. When he starts getting that "tired" att_tude and fussy I have been feeding him an ounce or two of warm water. For some reason it knocks him right to sleep. Good Luck!


twist - February 1

We did exactly what jg did and our son has been sleeping for 12 hours at night sonce 10 weeks old. It is hard, but it works well and very quickly. We also propped up the head of his mattress slightly so if he had any gas he would be able to bring it up himself, for some reason lying flat makes gas worse.



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