Help Me My Dd Is BITING Me While Nursing

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Erynn21 - February 20

Ok you get the gist of what's going on by the t_tle, but here's my problem. My lovely dd Nora has decided at 5.5 months that her teeth make mamma yelp in pain when she bites. I try not to, but it freaking hurts and she leaves teeth marks on my br___t. I have shoved my br___t over her face to kinda block her air when she does it because then she has to pull off, I also have been told by my SIL to poke her cheek(not hard) to show her who's boss. Of course she thinks it's hilarious when I yelp in pain, but it isn't funny, I want to cry. :( Anyway does anybody have any suggestions? Help me. Thanks.


Emily - February 20

my dd started this before she got teeth. I would wince and pull her off the brest. then I would say no biting and put her down. After a while I would go back to feeding her again. It only took a couple of times and she stopped. I am not so sure it was the no biting, I think it was the fact that she didn't like her feding interupted. She is just now getting teeth but hasn't gummed me for months. I hope it alsow worked with her sister when I nursed her. she did it with teeth and it did hurt,. she made me bleed sometimes....that is when I call my mom for help. Stopping the feeding is the only way it seemed to get any better.


Lisastar9 - February 20

I have used the same approach as Emily and it does work. Put your finger in your lo's mouth to break the latch. Say "No biting MOMMY it hurts. Mommy will not feed you b___b if you are going to bite" I find the trick is to make your child cry. I reminded all my kids when I was going to feed them not to bite. You may have to do this several times for them to understand biting hurts. Actually a child doesn't actually bite when they are nursing only when they move their toung away then they bite. A nursing baby needs their toung to help suck.


^lucy^ - February 20

i know when my dd would bite me because she would have this cutest smile on her face while nursing and then she would stop for a second and bite while smiling!! she's so cute!!! but im then in so much pain!! she's 9 months and has had the 2 bottom teeth since she was 6 months old..i used to pretend that im crying and tell her it hurts.. she stopped now.. i dont know if it really worked or it was by chance



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