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ally - December 8

Hi, sorry had to get your attention. This question wont relate to any of your situations but its something you can however answer with some thought. My babies dad has always been a shocker in relation to asking for money, rent, bills, it always wasn't pleasant where in the end he had a box of money so i never had to ask again. Now i find myself asking him for money for my daughter as its his child too but rather than doing this i would rather we come up with an amount agreed upon that he can give me once a fortnite, i have no idea how much, i would be happy with 100 per fortnite as i know child support can be a mere 40 per fortnite sometimes, its little, Anyone at all have any ideas how much i should ask for,


Lib - December 8

Aren't you suppossed to talk to lawyers about these things? It's based off of his income.


Narcissus - December 8

I have no idea bc I live in the states and you are in Australia.


well... - December 8

what the heck is a fortnite?!!!!! A month? My dad used to pay 200$ per child/ a month for child support. But Lib is right, it does depend on his income. You'll have to get a seperation agreement with your husband, if you haven't got one already. The order, made by the judge, will determine how much he should pay.


bump - December 8



ally - December 8

What do u mean what the heck is a fortnight 'well' The meaning, once every 2 weeks is a fornight. You misunderstand i do not want to go to judges, court etc, we do not need to even do this regarding access. I merely want a fair amount that he should give me and 'well' we aren't married so it was more than easy for him to walk out the door so a separation agreement isn't an option nor do i know what one is... He earns around 600 per week clear, lives with mama and pays no rent there and yes narcissus i am in australia.


Narcissus - December 8

ally, why wouldn't you secure a payment plan through a court, rather than hope he pays you? Your child deserves a higher guarantee that his father be held accountable for his needs, and if he skips out on his child like he did you, there will be repurcussions. I think a mother owes as much stability to her child as she can legally secure, but that's only my opinion and maybe you disagree.... Also, I had no idea what a fortnite was, either. I think well... was asking you a fair question.


Lissi - December 8

They don't say "fortnight" in the US?! Wow! You learn something new every day.


Narcissus - December 8

Fortnite is not used here. This was my 1st time hearing it.


advice - December 8

You dont have to go to court, you can settle outside a court with a lawyer and come to an agreement on the amount and have it all in writing and notorized. Id say about 200-250 a mo. or 100-150 every 2 weeks.


ally - December 8

Sometimes with typing it is hard to understand what someone is saying, what the heck came across kinda rough when maybe it wasn't meant too be like that, again i had no idea u guys didnt use that there so i am sorry. We have been civil in all areas and i was hoping i could get money from him fortnightly without lawyers and courts, it would be when he stops paying or didnt do so that i would go a step higher. Maybe a lawyer is the way to go, never been in this predicament so i have no clues.



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