Help My 12 Wk Old Isn T Naping

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blueeyesin619 - October 11

I had my baby on the EASY routine until she was 8 weeks old and then she decided to go off of it. She is now 12 wks and is only taking 30-45 min naps and isn't sleeping through the night yet. I am worried she isn't getting the amount of sleep needed for proper development. I have tried many things to try to get her to take longer naps but no luck. The frustrating thing is when she does wake up from a nap she is still tired but won't go back down. Can anyone help? BTW I am new to this...can someone please let me know what lo, ds, and other abreviations mean. Thanks!


kimberly - October 11

I struggle with this also! I don't have any good suggestions but would love to hear some from others too! lo-little one, ds-darling son, dd-darling daughter, dh- darling husband, lol-laugh out loud, omg-oh my god, can't think of any more.


excited2bemama - October 11

( dd- dear daughter) dh (dear husband) ds (dear son) lo- little one. Hmm- I don't have much advice- my dd has days like that where she WONT sleep longer than 15-30 min and wakes up still tired and wont go back down. I just put her to bed early and some das she doesn't get enough sleep. Other times I really try to teach her to sleep- Ill sit with her in a darkened room, nurse or sing to her Swaddle her, do whatever it takes to get her really relaxed and sleepy. its probably just a phase and she will go back to longer naps. My lo did that for a few days and I worried too and then a few days later she went back to her 1.5-3 hour naps.


squished - October 11

Our lo does that on some days. Some babies are just actually catnappers, but since your dd is waking up and is still tired there's got to be something to do. We try all kinds of things with our ds. What works well is we turn on his noise machine to the water noise and that sometimes help. Do you swaddle her? If not then I'd give it a shot. She might still have some of the startle reflex left and might be waking herself up.


ImpatientMommy - October 12

My daughter is almost 16 weeks old and she sleep perfectly through the night but usually just cat naps during the day. Usually her naps are 45 minutes to an hour and a half and sometimes but rarely longer. Is she cranky when she gets up? I know you said she's still tired but is she fussy because of it? Because my daughter wakes up and she'll still be yawning and what not but other than that she acts perfectly happy and wide awake so I don't bother trying to put her down again.


blueeyesin619 - October 12

Thanks for all of your advice. I am swaddeling her every time she goes down and I have a sound machine in her room. I guess maybe she just decided to be a long night sleeper and a cat napper during the day (hopefully she will start sleeping all the way through the night in a couple of months). It helps to know that I am not the only one that is experiencing this. No she isn't cranky when she wakes up so that is good. I am just a worried first time mom. I am sure some of the worry will pa__s soon enough. Thanks ladies!



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