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ejg1987 - May 30

Hey I have a daughter who will be 3 months in a little over a week and she WILL NOT nap on her own. Sh__l go to sleep fine if im holding her but as soon as I put her down she wakes up and I've tried putting her down while she's still awake and sh__l fall asleep eventually but only sleep 20 to 30 minutes. She sleeps beautifully by herself at night but during the day its totally different. Im just not sure what to do I mean she's to young to cry it out right???


kimberly - May 30

I don't like the CIO method but I do the kind of CIO method. I won't let my dd scream for hours but I will lay her down and leave the room and I go in every so often and patt her and give her paci back to her, I do this until she falls asleep. The more consistant you are with it the better it works. She once in a while goes through a phase where she will cry when laid down so we just start the process over again. I do think 3 months is a little young for letting them cry for a long time but a few minutes off and on unitil she goes to slepp will not hurt her and will help teach good sleep habits.


ejg1987 - May 30

Ok thanks ill def try that I just feel like I have no me time be her father isn't involved at all and I don't have any grandparents or anyone to help out so it would just be nice to have a little time for my self. Anybody else have any ideas?


Crystal83 - May 30

My middle daughter was like that too. She slept in her crib all night by the time she was 4 weeks old, but to get her to nap during the day without having to hold her was impossible. I don;t really have much advice to give you, but I will say that by the time mine was 5-6 mos. old she did kind of grow out of this and started staying asleep when i would put her down.


ejg1987 - May 31



Nemo - May 31

I am addressing similar problems too at the moment (will have to reach for baby whisperer book again). My baby too sleeps so well at night but Im wondering if perhaps she sleeps too long at night (wakes up sometimes at 7-8 in the morning) and just doesnt need to nap so much anyway....


jenna32 - June 6

my dd is the exact same way,except she probably doesn't sleep as good at night! Honestly, i don't know either but what i try to do is i get clothes i have worn( so it smells like me) and put them by her as well as a teddy bear big enough( so she thinks i am still there) and try to put her down very slowly and carefully.Also make sure she is in the same bed that she is asleep in at night so it is a familliar place.



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