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Sarahsmommy - January 15

So all along I've been rocking or lying down with Sarah for her to go to sleep. At about 9 months old she finally started to sleep through the night and except in some rare cases she was sleeping through the night all the time. Now for about a month it's been a different story. She got really sick and was in the hospital around the 17th of December. Got sick maybe a week before that. Well she was having trouble sleeping, not sleeping during the night, etc. Well I don't know if she's forgotten how to put herself back to sleep or what. It had been she was just waking up once at night and now it's like 3 times and she ends up sleeping with us because I just fall asleep trying to get her to sleep. Also in the last couple of days she HAS to have a bottle at least once a night or else she won't go back to sleep. I am against the CIO method but I'm going crazy, anyone have any ideas? She is still in our room, but getting ready to move to her own. I don't think it's right to move her while she's got this going on though. At this point I'm almost to the point go using a gentle CIO method so even some tips on that would be wonderful.


melissa g. - January 15

See my post re rocking -- we have always rocked and we still do -- probably will transition when she moves into a toddler bed -- but at 9 months, we had problems with our dd waking multiple times a night, she had had an ear infection and after that, her sleep was all messed up. We knew formal CIO wasnt for us, but we did sort of a mild version -- we ould go in and rock for 10-15 min, if she didint go back to sleep, back into the crib and we would let her fuss for 10 min. If the fussing escalated abdly , we would go in after 5 min, but for us at any rate, her fussing wasnt too bad and magically, it often ended after 10 minutes. We had to do this for about a week and a half. Sometimes we were coming and going, it would take an hour and a half to finally get her actually asleep.. But eventually, she seemed to get it that we werent going to sit and hold her all night. Re the bottle, my ped said that at 9 months, sometimes babies still need a bottle once a night and that it was ok to give one to her. She dropped the middle of the night bottle on her own about at about 10 and a half months (she is now 11 months). We never brought her into bed b/c she doesnt like sleeping with us! She either cries or thinks its party time, so we had to do the 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off thing. For us it worked, and the instant she ever sounded truly truly distressed, we went in.


Heather F - January 16

I also have an almost ten month old baby that doesnt sleep well and is up during the night, I am also against the cry it out method and I dont have much advice for you except I have friends who have babies that are the same age and they have been doing the cry it out method since their babies were 4 months - none of their babies are good sleepers!! In fact I go to a mothers group and there are 12 of us with babies born in march and the months surrounding - out of that 12 only one claims her son sleeps very well, the rest have babies that wake up frequently or are difficult to put down. Knowing this I expect less of dd then I originally did and I tell myself its part of her babyhood that she will outgrow just like everything else, with that in mind its easier for me to take it in stride and not get frustrated with the lack of sleep. Good luck!


melissa g. - January 16

i agree with Heather 100% -- i think many people need to realize that babies wake up, and forcing them to "learn to sleep" at such a young age is hard for them. My parent-baby cla__s instructor thinks its the saddest thing that parents are made to feel gulity for rocking and holding and comforting their babies when they cry out at night. I think at a certain age they need to start to learn that night time is not party time, but I think that time is closer to age one or so -- not 4 months old etc. Just my thoughts. Last night for example my 11 month dd woke up and was clearly agitated about something, she fell asleep while we were rocking but she was whimpering in her sleep -- should I have just stuck her back in the crib and let her deal with whatever was bothering her little brain by herself? Heck no! I held her for about 30 min and then she went back into the crib, fussed for 30 seconds and then went back to sleep. Sleep is a complicated issue and many people have found success with CIO, -- I think it comes down to what feels right in your gut. I have a girlfriend who did full-on CIO and told me "I'm ready to hear her cry!" This was at 5 months. I didnt agree with her approach, but I didnt get into it with her, its her choice, as how I raise my dd is my choice. To each their own.


chiechie25 - January 16

I have a 2 1/2 year old and would never let him cry it out. I think that is just mean. At 9 months, my son would sometimes wake up at night and want a bottle or want rocked. If he wanted a bottle, I would give him one and rock him until he went back to sleep. Or sometimes he was just scared and wanted to be held until he fell asleep. Even at 2 1/2 he doesn't always sleep through the night. He is a good sleeper, but occasionally I will have to lay down with him or hold him until he goes back to sleep. I don't think children should be made to sleep through the night. When they wake up they need comforted and need to feel safe. It is scary for them waking up in the dark by themselves, especially if they are in their own room. Just do what you feel is right.


mayaB - January 16

I'm one of those moms that did let the baby cry it out. For a whole bunch of reasons, when our son was 4 months we decided to put this cry it out 'method' into action after reading up on it. The reading up was for me to be prepared to handle the crying. especially because our baby wasnt exactly an 'easy' baby. He's a great screamer. I dont know if this version is mild or what but I just followed what the books said to do. Which was : do the whole before bed ritual thing, put baby to bed, if baby cries (which he surely will) go in after 1 mintue and rea__sure him and then leave, next time wait 2 minutes before going in to rea__sure him (just voice and patting) , then wait 3 minutes , then 4. till its every 10 min. After the first 2 nights he was out on his own. I would hear him talk to his teddy bear for a couple minutes and then he'd be asleep. If he wakes up in the middle of the night you're supposed to follow the same rules. It really worked for us and since 4 months of age he's been sleeping all night long. 8-8. He seems very happy to be getting all this sleep.. and so am I!!!!


mayaB - January 16

a. and he's 8 months old now.



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