Help Starting Baby On Stage 1foods

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Deirdra - February 11 Ds is 4 months now...and i have decided to start real food...he has been on rice cereal form about 2 .5 to 3 months...and he really inst to fond of it...ive tried all different kinds...rice barely and the other cant remeber the name...he will on put up with the today for lunch i stated him on some sweet potato and guess what he LOVES it!!!! he gobbled it up and barely spit any out at all he was practically diving at the spoon for i gave him about a heafty size tablespoon and then 4 oz of not exactly sure what im doing gonna try putting some poatao in his rice cereal tonight to see if he will eat it better....can anyone describe me on what i am doing? lol...


Lisastar9 - February 11

try mixing rice cereal with the sweet potatoeand add formula to make the consistancy you want. If he likes it feed him for three days before introducing something new . The reason why three days is to rule out allergies if they arise.


jillianT - February 11

i just stopped giving naomi rice cereal and give her baby oatmeal instead and she LOVES it. you might try it instead since he's been on rice for awhile. i give her about a tablespoon of the oatmeal and i open a jar of vegetables and scoop out half into a seperate bown and give her that. i save the other half for the next day. i don't mix them w/ the cereal myself, but you can definately try it if you want to. Lisastar is want to give each new food a few days so that if he has a reaction it's easier to figure out what it's to. my suggestion is to try oatmeal, but wait a couple of days so you're not introducing too many new things at once.


Deirdra - February 11 can i still give sweet poato as i try something next if i try peas? for lunch can i give him sweet potato with his dinner? He just loves them....i cant believe how he eats it...i forgot to get rice cereal agian at the stoire and didnt have my car for supper so i gave him the other half of the baby tub...right now im using gerber organic...b/c i plan on making my own...the tubs that this food comes in is resealbe plastic tubs good for two seriviings for trent so im going to use those for mom has ice cube trays for me but i only see her once a week and she forgot this week... no since i started today you say by like wednesday i can try something else? what do you suggest? i have bananas pears apples carotts and prunes....(lol for constipation i heard that is best)...thank you ladies so much!


Deirdra - February 11

oh and sweety peas...silly just so happy...


jillianT - February 11

you can give him something else once he's shown no reaction to the sweet potatos for 3-4 days. i plan on making my own babyfood once dd gets a big bigger. i just like how well pureed the jar food is for right now. once she can have a bit more texture i'll do my own. my mom gave me this hand held baby food grinder thing-ee but i tested it and i think she'll need to be a little older to eat it. not mushy enough in my opinion and i HATE our blender. it's a total p. i. t. a. to wash. i stick to orange veggies mostly, but i have introduced green beans and peas in the last week and she loved them both. i don't give fruit too often because it make dd poop like crazy. i usually stick to pears if i give her any at all.



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