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amber - February 16

Help my mom gave my baby tap water accidentally for a couple times to drink, she said it was good for them but she was suppose to give the baby the jug and the baby has been fussy all night what can tap water do to my baby???? i am sooo scared PLEASE HELP!!!


katie - February 16

is there something wrong with your tap water? if not, then don't worry.


Lillie E - February 16

well hun don't worry. it will be alright. tap water WON'T hurt your baby.


amber - February 16

okay im just scared im a first time mom, all well i didnt know what it could do to her my mom said its not good for her at all do u all give ur babys tap water?? thanks for telling me everything will be alright:)


Jbear - February 16

Your baby will be fine. I always use tap water to make formula for my daughter, because it has fluoride added and most bottled water doesn't.


Sian - February 17

I have always been told not to give a baby under a year old tap water unless its boiled, but I must admit the other day when my son was screaming for a bottle and i had no cooled boiled water left I gave him a bottle with tap water.


T - February 17

Are you using it for formula? If not, your baby doesn't need water until they are a year old and you have to be careful about how much water they have if you do. There is such a thing as too much water! A toddler here died after she had too much water.


jg - February 17

I only ever use boiled tap water for my sons bottles, but when he has his bath he always ends up sucking on a face-washer or something and takes in the tap water (gross I know) but he has never come to any ill-effect! As you know kids get fussy for a million reasons - I wouldn't worry about it.


To T - February 17

To T stop givng new moms info like that. A year old ................. Get serious........... Babies can have boiled water once they begin solids. If it is hot where you are then a little sip of water that is boiled is good for a newborn, if it is hot i mean.......


mommy716 - February 17

hunny its ok! my son is 7 months old, hes had water since he was 6 weeks! from the tap and from the kettle! everything will be fine, she was probably fussy because it was something new and she wasn't used to it, My son was like that first time I gave him juice, gave it to him in the morning and at nite he barely slept! I'm sure shes fine, but you should take her to the doctor just to a__sure yourself!


The real Lissi - February 17

I always use boiled tap water to be on the safe side, but then I don't drink tap water straight from the tap myself, so that's why I wouldn't give it to my daughter. I don't believe a baby can die from too much water, unless you're forcing them to drink it. They know when they've had enough. Sometimes they need extra fluids when they start on solids, or they're ill. You're baby is probably fine. How old is your baby? Is he/she is very young, it could just be a normal case of colic that's making them fussy.


karine - February 17

I'll probably get we go: it depends where you live. And how your water is. Do you use the water for yourself? In my case....where i live, if someone were to give my baby tap water...i would pull their heads we have been having bad water..and the dawn town wont admit and are covering up, atleast once a year we get a "boil water, cause of ecoli" warning. And the water ABOSLUTLY smells like javex/chlorine. Anyways...wont go there. But iam sure youre not close to the prob. u have LOL. lets say your water is not that good..the worse it could do is a little diarreah for a couple of days...thats all.


Em - February 17

I'm the one who will probaby get bashed. I have used tap water since my son was born to make his bottles and he does just fine. Our water is good though and we drink it ourselves. As far as the benefits them way before they start to get teeth so waiting to give them this is not smart. I've seen gallon jugs at WalMart with flouride added to it.


Curious - February 17

What are the benefits of floride before you have teeth?


JL - February 17

Em, we use plain old tap water to make formula too!


Bonnie - February 17

Here is what my book says...tap water is fine to use. They DO recommend you boil it though, but only because if tehre is an instance where something happens to the local water supply, you don't alway get that information fast enough and young babies can't handle problems like that as well as we can. But in general, tap water is perfectly safe. I have been using tap water and then a Brita filter jug. (If you have well water you should definately boil it)


tiffani - February 17

Amber~ I'm sure your baby is fine. You're a new mom and it's natural to be a little more fearful than perhaps a mom with more experience. I'm sure by now you've discovered that your sweet little baby hasn't been effected by the tap water. :o)



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