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mama3 - June 16

I have 2 other children and i have never had this problem at such a young age. My little girl is almost 6 weeks old. For the past 3 days she isn't sleeping well, and doesn't want her bottle. I started cereal about a week ago approved by her ped... She is hungry and will eat the heck out of her cereal through her feeder bottle. But she will only drink about 1oz of her formula then won't take anymore. An she is like this day and night. She isn't sick, no fever, not crampy. I have changed her diaper over and over burp till theres no burping. My oldest didn't refuse her formula till 5 months old. Could my baby be rejecting her formula so early? She eats her cereal thick. It don't make her sick, she isn't bownd up at all. She goes crazy over it, lol. It is so funny watching her. Has anyone went through this or have any ideas on what to try or do? I am open to try anything at this point. I'm so tired. Trying to keep up with my other two children and keep my huse going on 2-3 hrs of sleep a night is killing me. I want us both to get some rest and be happy instead of being crabby. I know my family would like it too, lol. Any advice????


austinsmom - June 16

hmmm well she was fine I guess until you say 3 days ago....why did you start the cereal ( I only ask cause I wanna try to help)? You said she isn't bownd up do you mean she is having regular bm? Maybe has something to do with how thick cereal is to how thin formula is? Have you tried since you are using a feeder bottle to make a lot thinner to get more formula in her? Have you felt her lower obdomen and is it good and squishy? Checked your nipple and is she getting a good flow on the formula? Gosh I am a first time mom and figure you have more experience than me I am only hoping I can have an idea you may not had......


snugglybugglys - June 16

Well my DD was like that around that age, but it was due to gas. I would give her the mylecon drops, and it worked wonders. I had no idea it was gas at first, until I tried those, and realized that's what she needed. She was my 4th baby, and is naturally a fussy girl. Still at 14.5 months. :) Anyway, I would give it to her after her feedings, and then burp her, and it helped tons. I hope this helps somewhat?


mama3 - June 16

ty ladys, austinsmom, her ped said since she is already 10 lbs cereal would be ok to help her sleep more at night. I make her ceral runny like stage one baby food as thats what the feeder bottles are for. There for baby foods stage 1 and two. :) Yes her bm are normal and she is pa__sing her gas with no problem,lol. She gets all she wants as far as formula goes, when she wants it. SNUGGLYBUGGLYS--was your DD still pa__sing some gas before you gave her the drops? My baby is and she don't seem to be in pain over it. But I will give it a try, ty.


austinsmom - June 16

hopefully it IS just gas and you can get some much need r and r .. Mine had once got to where he would'nt eat and just fussed and fussed and turned out to be gas in his case.....just that one time though......


mama3 - June 16

hopefully it is just gas ty very much.


Bonnie - June 16

She might also be developing silent reflux. Which is reflux without the spitting up. Look at the signs and symptoms on


mama3 - June 16

ty bonnie,reflux sadly is something i have excperiance with. My toddler deal with that and has since birth. I did go and get some Mylicon gas drops. It has seemed to calm her down, though she isn't eating well yet, hopefully that will come soon. Thank you all for your input and help.


Bonnie - June 17

Bless you for having to deal with it :(, reflux sucks! I hope this does not turn out to be a repeat for you ~crosses fingers~


hello - June 17

sorry to judge but 6 weeks is crazy to start cereal. go and see the dr and ask what is wrong if it is causing u hell. They may even feel unwell.


mama3 - June 17

Thank you, yes she is doing well today. The gas drops helped. She had gas already so I didnt think about it being that giving her trouble. She slept great and ate 4oz of formula this morning. My little girl is happy and we are getting some sleep now, lol. For now, LOL.. An HELLO-- My cxhild isn't sick and 6 weeks isn't young for my daughter to be on cereal. Each baby is different. Why didnt you use your real name to down me instead of hiding behind "Hello".. My baby is getting everything she needs and then some. Sometimes it helps to get ideas from someone looking in. I do thank everyone for your ideas. I read the reflux site, wow. I never knew there were cases of reflux that severe. I went through hell with my toddler with reflux. Atleast until I got her to a Ped that would help me with it and put her on Zantac liquid 3 times a day and Soy formula till she was 18 months. She always has to sleep ina elivated position. She is growing out of her Lactos issue, thankfully, But she deals with a web tummy everyday and will for the rest of her life. The drs tell me that its not bad enough for surgery so the insurance won't pay to fix her tummy. It just makes it hard for her to digest food. 6 hrs after she eats she still has whole food in her tummy. It gets caught up and if her reflux acts up she throws it all up. With meds and a stricked diet she is doing great. She hasn't gotten sick for about 6 months. She is teething really bad right now. So she is back to getting up 2-3 times a night just to be held and back to bed, lol. Which does make it fun when the baby is up too, lol. I don't know how peole do this. I wish I could of had them further apart. But I didn't, its hard sometimes but I have my mom to vent with most of the time. I thank God for her everyday. Thank you you all for listening. Hope everyone has a great weekend. My girls and I are celebrating Fathers Day for my Step-dad. Hope all dads have a great weekend too!!!!


hello - June 18

i wasnt downing you but u have left an opening for me to do so now. I dont know what kind of idiot u see that tells u to start giving cereal to a baby who cant even hold their head up yet. There are signs of readiness, protruding tongue motion must have stopped, able to sit unsupported, i am not going to go on as u have already done it so it is pointless and useless. Hello is my login, the same way yours is mama3 so wheres your real name... Theres my point... I said your child may be sick, it is always a possibility, they say to start solids at 6 mths now, maybe your ears need a wash as u may have misheard the doctor and a__sumed 6 weeks... Good luck mama 3


Bonnie - June 18

There are reasons for cereal being approved early and fed through a bottle. Reflux, FTT, Dysphagia, etc. Mama never elaborated one way or another as towhy she started so early. Since her ped approved it I a__sumed there was a good reason for it. Sometimes it's better to find out before making a__sumptions.


hrsmith - June 18

I was told by my ped that around 6 weeks of age, many babies are quite fussy. She said it has something to do with their stomach. I guess it's some sort of transitional stage. She was right as far as my son is concerned. He was a wonderful baby and still is. however, he was quite fussy for about a week and it was right around 6 weeks.


mama3 - June 18

No my girls ped is not and idot. She can eat froma spoon I tryed it that way first in her punkin seat. It was very cool to see her eat it. And she can hold herself up. She can hold her whole body up. She has been doing thtis since she was 4 weeks old. Though I do find it cuter when your holding her or watching her in her walker and she stands straight up. We started her on the cereal cause we are trying to cut out her nightly feeding or cut down on them, due to the fact she was gaining wieght very fast. Her ped and I are concerned about it. As my toddler was alittle to heavy and it makes it harder for them to roll over, crawl, and walk. I don't want to be carring around a 26 lb 1 yr old again. Though now my baby is happy again. Eating her formula and playing. The gas drops worked great. I called her ped and he said to try Barley that the rice may be causing the extra gas. So I have changed it and she is cooing and happy. So all is well. Time for me to take my oldest to Karate Cla__s. She is doing so well I am so proud of her. Any who. Again thank you all for your help.



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