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BWIND - March 13

Is there anything I can do to help my son have BM. I don't think he is constipated....he just has a really really difficult time having a BM. He is 4 weeks old. I've heard to try Karo Syrup. Has anyone used this? If so how much did you use and how often did you do it? He drinks 3-4 ounces when he eats. I've also heard to let him drink an ounce or two of water. I don't want to do anything to hurt our LO....Any advice?


Ciarasmom - March 13

It is normal for babies to grunt, strain and turn red while going poo. They are only constipated if the poop is hard like a rock. Your not supposed to give them water until they start eating solids. Just make sure that ur making his bottles as per the direction on the can and everything should be fine.


julie316 - March 14

my son was the same.. It turned out to be the iron in the formula.. Also I was told not to give him water because it will dilute the nutrients he needs in his milk.. the doc told me.. I hope that helps.. I hope it gets regular for your son.


LollyM - March 14

I b___stfeed and my dd did that for a long time too. If you ma__sage his tummy in a clockwise circle that can help, or take a thigh in each hand, and move his whole pelvis in a clockwise circle a few times. They like it, and it helps with digestion. The reason you MUST do it clockwise is because it causes the kidney to function better due to the pressure. if you do it the other way, it will stop him up more, but it is handy for diarrhea. you can also "peddle" his legs which they think is fun and it helps with digestion also. good luck!


LollyM - March 14

ps. giving him water will make him have less room for milk which is bad.


DeeJay - March 14

We also tried Karo. it was about 1 teaspoon once a day. But what really helped was switching formula. We ended up having to use Nutramigen. She has not had a problem since.


JenniferB - March 14

My son is six months and until just a week ago he would never have a BM on his own. He wasn't constipated either. His bm was soft but he would go forever without going. The doctor told me to try Karo, an ounce of prune juice w/an ounce of water, stimulating him with the thermometer. Rarely did any of them work. The only thing that did work was an infant glycerin suppository. It didn't even need to stay in. He would feel it and push it right out shortly followed by a movement. I think he just needed the stimulation to push it out because it came out easy. At four weeks your baby is still adjusting to food and his digestive system takes a while to adjust. Most little babies struggle to poop. I would ask your doctor and see if he is concerned about it. My doctor told me that sometimes they use up so much of what they eat, there isn't a whole lot left. Good luck.


JenniferB - March 14

BTW my lo started having movements on his own when I started him on fruit and cereal. Hopefully it won't take that long for your little guy.


Bridget - March 14

My son went through this at the same age and so did my sister's daughter and this worked for both babies. It's a little gross buy hey, you're a Mommy now, so nothing is gross anymore. Take a Q-tip and dip it in Desitin then go in circle around your son's a__s (the actual poop hole) and even dip it in VERY shallow, maybe an eighth of an inch (that's only about as ththick as a strand of thin spaghetti) then go around the outside some more. My sister was so happy when it worked for her baby girl she called me up crying, LOL.


chrissi79 - March 14

BWIND - my dd has the same problem...she is 6and a half weeks old now, but this has been an issue for a few weeks. Someone told me about peddling their legs which help her out sometimes if she has gas. Also the position she's in when I change her diaper DEFINITELY helps (because she has pooped on ME a few times while changing her...LOL). She still struggles and strains so much sometimes and I feel so bad because you know its frustrating her and she's so uncomfortable - she wails a little if she's pushing a lot...I feel completely helpless!! Hopefully this gets better. BTW my dd is BF so she's very likely not constipated, but they don't quite get how to poop yet so...I hope she gets the hang of it soon!!!



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