Help With Night Feeding

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Rhonda - February 27

My dd is only four days old,and since we have been home,she will eat every 1-2hrs during the day between 1-2oz of formula at a time,but during the night i have to wake her up to eat,because she she will just keep sleeping.But i can only get her to eat once every 3 hrs.I can try and try but she wont eat.Then she eats about 2 oz.Is it ok for her to only eat 2oz every 3 hrs during the night?I wake her up but she wont eat unless it has been 3 hrs.


jwhite - February 27

That is fine, my mom always told me let her sleep, when she's hungry she'll wake up and let you know...


Rhonda - February 27

Well at 3 hrs she dont wake up,so i wake her up and she eats just fine.From the first night she came home she not once woke up crying to eat.So i would just wake her up every 2 hrs but then she would not eat,so i tried at 3 hrs after her last feeding and she ate so great.I was just worried because i dont want her to get sick from not eating.And i tried everything i could think of to get her to eat.Now during the day she eats every 2 hrs and sometimes even more often then that.I wonder why night time is different?


Hi - February 27

Yeah I agree let that baby sleep,lol.How much did she weigh when she was born?My 2nd was 8 pounds even and he slep 6 hours straight his first night home.He ate a good bit when he woke up.But he was always a good night sleeper and was always fat and healthy.One good thing is you have a baby that senses night time is sleep time be grateful.Thats a blessing.GL and take care.


ninaatk - February 27

Oh Hon - stop waking her up! You might get her into a bad routine! If she is eating that much during the day she is "cluster feeding" and storeing up for the night! Thank god you have a baby that wants to sleep - Let her!! And pray it lasts!!


piratesmermaid - February 27

Gretchen was the same way, but the public health nurse and ped. recommened I wake her up every three hours to get her to eat. She was eatting that often during the day too. She started loosing weight, and my b___stmilk supply was low, so I had to feed her no longer than 3 hours apart regardless of whether she was sleeping or not. Are you formula feeding or bf?


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 27

both of my kids were like that and I agree if she is gaining weight and eating all day dont wake her up if she is hungry she will wake up to eat. If you keep waking her up to eat she wont learn to sleep all night. Good Luck


Rhonda - February 27

Thanks girls so much for rea__suring me,i needed it.She has only been home for 2 nights but both nights she has slept so well.She weighed 5lbs9oz at birth.I formula feed her to.I just did not want to be starving her,see all my other kids were always awake for there feeding every single night.She is the first one to sleep for that long of a time.She eats good during the day though.



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