Help With Sleepless Newborn

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frazzled - August 27

My daughter is almost 3 weeks old. Until about 2 days ago, she was on a perfect rhythm - ate every 3 hours like clockwork; burped her, changed her, she was out like a light in her bassinet til next feeding time. Now, she'll only sleep if I'm holding her a specific way, and even then, it's only for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. She won't sleep if Dad's holding her, and if I even contemplate the thought of setting her down, she wakes up. If I move her slightly or try holding her differently, she wakes up. I tried swaddling her, but she kicks out of the swaddle. What can I do???? Not only am I not getting any sleep, I'm not able to get anything done in the house, because I have to hold her *just so* which requires both hands.


CEM - August 27

i really feel for you, i know how it can be! fortunately, she's still young enough for you to get her used to different things without too much of a ha__sle. my best advice to you would be (a) definitely try and get her used to other people, ie her dad, grandma, etc....(b) try using a baby sling or carrier-type thing when you're by yourself, so you at least have 2 hands free. (c) try giving her some baby ma__sage with some nice warm oil. babies love it, and it totally calms them down if they're fussy. the best time to start is when they're around 4 weeks old. being out of the womb suddenly can be a big transition for the newborn, a nice ma__sage can make it a little easier on them!


Tahlia's Mama - August 27

My little girl used to do this, so every nap time, I had to hold her. One day (I think it was due to sleep deprivation) I had enough, so I just put her in her bed. She cried for ages, but eventually went to sleep. Every time after that, she has been ok in her own bed and now she wont sleep if I'm holding her!


Jbear - August 28

My daughter is ten days old. She kicks out of her blankets too, and then she gets cold and wakes up. I bought a blanket yesterday at walmart that she can't get her feet out of. It has a pouch for feet, and then you wrap one side of the blanket over and tuck it under the baby. Then the other side velcros. I used it last night and it worked great. She only woke for her feedings, not every half hour. During the day, you could try a baby sling. I have a wrap carrier that I made with the directions on the Maya wrap website, and my daughter will nap happily in there while I get stuff done.


Shelly - August 28

OMG i thought i wrote this.It is exactly whats happening to me only i have a boy everything else is the same.Now today i remembered something from"the hap[iest baby on the block",after i changed his diaper,fed him burped him,swaddled him,cuddled with him and gave him mylicon drops (little ga__sy) i put him in his bed with the radio on STATIC,and that put him to sleep within 5 mnutes and i have done it 3 time!s today.If she is crying put the volume as loud as she can hear it.Hopefully it will work for you too!!!!


Shelly, - August 28

I thought i'll explain why the radio on static,a baby is used to be in a small area thats the reason you swaddle,is used to movement thats the reason you swing it,and they are used to sounds (from the inside) so you can shhhh them,use noises like from a vacuum,hairdryer or radio on static.All those 3 reminds a baby from when they were in the womb.


frazzled - August 29

I gave her a warm bath before bed last night; it worked! She fell asleep while I was bathing her, and slept through the night!!!! I'm definately going for a repeat performance tonight.


Jenn... - August 29

All these ideas are great I just wanted to add one little secret. After giving your baby her/his bath, give a nice masage with lavander scented baby lotion. Baby Magic makes one that I love.


Narcissus - August 29

Yes, the bath routine works wonders. It gets their little minds ready for "what's next" and they go down much easier. Aja looks forward to his bath every night and loves going to sleep for some reason. We can tell when he starts wanting his bath around 7pm b/c he is getting tired. We hold out as long as we can b/c we like to put him to bed at 8pm. Make sure you say the word "bath" every time you are filling the tub. You will get the cutest smiles and squeels at about 1.5 months.


monica - August 29

my friends doctor told me that around 3 to 4 weeks babys start to act change and become more fussy.... I am not sure if this is your case, but this is the time that you start producing more milk and baby starts eating more.


to Narcissus - August 30

or shall I say to E! You wrote your son's!


KH - August 30

my baby used to kick out of swaddles and then a friend showed me the proper way to swaddle and he began sleeping so much better. I was going thru the same things as you. There's something called "The Amazing Miracle Blanket" which I highly recommend. I got it on It is a little small for my baby who is already 13-14 lb, but if you're baby is smaller, you might want to try it.


lilmama - August 31

my babies (twins, 3 months) have always loved the sound of water, you should get a fountain or a fish tank for her room. Also, have you tried a mommy bear? They love that too. Good luck, hope you get some sleep soon!


Katharine - September 1

My baby started doing this (changing sleep/eating patterns) at about 3.5 weeks, too. I used your tip to give a warm bath before bed and it really helped get her ready to sleep. Otherwise, I just nurse her down and sleep next to her. At least I'm getting a decent amount of rest! When hubby gets home, he gets to do the "Dad routine" of silly games and songs for about a half an hour, while I run around and straighten up the house.



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