Help With Teething Pain

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Mena - November 21

I'm pretty sure my 5 month old son just started teething as he's been drooling like crazy, sucking & chewing anything that comes near his mouth, & has been VERY irritable both day & night. His much worse at night, up until last week he was sleeping through the night but now he wakes up about 4 times just crying & when I come to check on him his chewing his fngers or his blanket. Anyway, I need to know how I can relieve some his pain so that I both him & I can get some sleep. During the day I give him cold teethers, cold carrots to chew & nurse often as they seem to soothe him (temporarily). Any other idea's on what can help ... any recomendations for teething gels, cold water in a bottle maybe? Do I let him cry out the pain on his own through the night, or comfort him every time he wakes up? I would love any advice that would help get rid of his pain & help me get some sleep. Thanks !!!


BBK ® © - November 21

We got the same problem exactly at 4mo and 1 week of age. One other thing you can try is a small towel soacked in cold water. Many people have told me that the hyland homeopathic tablets work too, but haven't tried yet. In our four month visit, the doc said you can always try giving the baby tylenol when teething. We are having trouble with her spitting out the tylenol so I don't know if that would work too.


BBK ® © - November 21

By tylenol, I meant the infant tylenol :-)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 21

I too have been going thru this with my 3 month old. I have been giving him the cool washcloth to chew on as well as the teethers. Lucas cries out during the nights too. I have not tried the teething tablets, but have been considering them. When I can tell he is really really irritable in pain I do give him some infant tylenol. He takes it good, he is used to taking his zantac twice a day, it seems to help a little at night, but I do not want to give it to him all the time. I just try to comfort him as much as possible.


d - November 21

There is oragel for babies to put directly on gums. However, recently they found that babies have a harder time swollowing because of it numbing thiei throat and can choke. I have it for extreme cases much never had the need to use it because after using tylenol he's always felt better. I also give him the pacifier which he likes rubbing his gums on it. There is also a herbal more natural substance you can use for teething pain called Camilia. My friend, a nurse says it works very well. She says you can also use Gripe water for teething pain.


Jadyns Mommy - November 21

Someone just recommended the Hyland tablets to me recently and I tried one myself and holy cow if they dont numb your whole mouth fast! I am still scared of the choking issues with numbing so I am not sure if I will give them to Jadyn but they did come highly recommended.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 21

I have been thinking for at least 3 months now that my baby girl is teething, but NOPE!! no teeth! We have orajel and tylenol and teething tablets, but I dont give her meds regularly b/c she is not in unbarable pain.


Michelle - November 27

I have the same I let him CIO at night or comfort every time he gets up? So far I've just given my son tylenol when he wakes screaming the first time...then I put some drops on his gums and so far the other times he's cried out he goes back to sleep so I haven't had to test out the Crying it Out. My nanny says to let him cry. I dont want to start any bad habits yet I don't know about CIO for this teething time anyway. Let me know when you find some advice or sites that talk about CIO as an option (or not) for teething. I'd love to know! Michelle [email protected]


Jamie - November 27

My daughter's teething - I found a recipe online for homemade teething biscuits - equal parts baby cereal, flour, and juice, then baked at 350 F (175 C) til they're hard. My daughter likes 'em so far. I like 'em because a) she'll chew on them, and b) cause it's only introducing one new thing (flour) since she's already had both the juice and the cereal.



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