Helping Baby With Good Sleep Habits

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Jenn2 - May 30

I am about to have my first child (I'm 39 weeks), and I want to get some advice from some experienced moms about the best ways to form good sleep habits from the start. What are some "do's and dont's" from your experience? I know to keep stimulation down with nightly feedings, but what else? If your baby wont go back to sleep after feeding/ diapering do you leave him/her in the crib to go to sleep on their own, or do you stay with them until they fall asleep? My husband bought a book on healthy sleep habits for babies, and another book on sleeping habits, and one of them mentions that you should not always hold/rock your baby back to sleep b/c the baby will make a habit of it, and learn not to fall asleep on their own.....However, I have heard the reverse of that also? I am confused and tring to figure this out before my little girl arrives. Any advice is greatful!!


Bonnie - May 30

There are so many different opinions on this. Including from all those experts who wrote all those books. Personally, I feel that all of the methods will work great. What you need to do is read through them all and decide which one you think fits you and your DH best and then stick to it. The one thing everyone can agree on is try to create a bedtime routing, talk less at night, keep lights dime, etc. I think you should read through some different books, use your gut instinct then come up with a plan and stick to it well so you do not confuse the baby.......On a personal note. We did the CIO. It was recommended by my ped and my DH did it with our twins (my step-children). I was not completely sold but agreed to try it for a week. CIO is worked like a charm after a couple days. BUT....I swear to God it is harder than labor. I've heard many babies cry and never thought it would phase me, but when it is your own.....WoW! Very tough. The negative of this technique for me was that I had a very hard time listening to his screams. He was hysterical and I felt so guilty. He never held a grudge as I always got big ole smiles every morning. It was just ME that had the problem, lol. The benefit of it was that he learned very fast what night-night time is and has slept consistently 10-12 hours every night since. Both I and the baby do far better when we both get a good nights sleep (nothing prepares you for the sleep deprivation after childbirth!lol)......Co-sleeping/attachment parenting is the other end of the spectrum. The negatives are that you will be getting up a lot in the middle of the night for a very long time. The positives are that you get to snuggle up to your baby everynight which of course mommy and baby both like. ............Hope that helps. just go with your gut feeling. The one thing I am a firm believer in is the "mommy-instinct!"


Rabbits07 - May 31

yeah, it is dependent on you and dh and what you are willing to do and what you desire. Some mothers don't mind rocking baby to sleep every night and some don't want to. Some let baby CIO and others don't want to take that route. I co-sleep with my baby sometimes...he is b___stfed and it is easier to just get him in bed with me and nurse while side-lying (I didn't do that until he was a month old though and sleep deprivation got to me). He sleeps in a ba__sinett at bedside so I just have to reach over and get him if he's not in bed with me already. If I wake up when he is done I put him back in the ba__sinett...if I don't wake he stays in bed with me. So far he's never "objected" to being put back in the ba__sinett, but I know some aren't that lucky. I would just do as Bonnie said and explore the different options and do what feels right to you.


Heather F - June 1

Jenn _ I have the arrangement that Rabbitt has except my baby objects to the ba__sinet so I get no break, she is always with me in the bed - it doesnt make for a great love life! lol - it alsp doesnt make for great 10 weeks of age i am ready for her to go to her own room but I am having a problem now because she is so used to being next to me.


Ca__sieSong - June 1

Not sure which books you dh bought, but I have "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby," by Marc Weisbluth and I like it a lot. Everyone has a different opinion on this topic, but I think most of us agree that newborns (0-3 months) need all the nurture and attention you can give them.



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