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Hi - July 3

I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with these on their babie?.And how they dealt with them?Did you leave them alone or get more opinions on treatment for them ??My son who is 19 days old has a strawberry hemangioma on his upper eyelid and one on his arm.I'm very concerned about the eyelid one.So please if anyone has gone through this please tell me your story.Thanks so much...


Ginny - July 3

I have 2 different stories that go different ways. My cousin had one on her neck that kept growing and cut off her windpipe and she has to breathe thru a trache for a couple of years, until she's old enough and strong enough to have surgeries to reduce the hemangioma. It actually took lots of ER visits and a change of dr's to figure out exactly what the problem was. OK, that was the scary story. My brother had one on his chest that was huge when he was born, but stayed the same size so that now it's barely noticeable. If it is something that has you worried, it's worth seeking out a second opinion.


Beth B - July 3

I agree with pp if its something you are worried about get a second opinion. Never second guess your mommy's intuition. If it makes you feel better though...my lo was born with one on his leg. I took him to a dermatoligist who looked it over said it was fine and told me to follow up IF it grows or changes. So far so good for my lo. My uncle was born with one too on his face (in between his eyes) he also is fine and now you can barely see it. Good luck.


Nerdy Girl - July 3

My daughter has a small hemangioma on her face, very near her eye. Our pediatrician referred us to very well-known dermatologist who is known for treating these types of things. Our daughter did not have it at birth, but it popped up sometime during her infancy although we are not sure exactly when. She is 3 1/2 now, and we saw the dermatologist when she was just under age 2. His opinion was to monitor it if it grows or changes. He explained that the treatment is a simple 30 second laser treatment, but on a baby or infant, it becomes a major procedure because they have to be completely sedated. He also told us that if children become self-conscious about their hemangiomas, even young children like age 5-6, they are actually cooperative with the laser treatment. He said that a 5 or 6 year old will be scared about the procedure, but they want to have the hemangioma removed so they can be made comfortable with a little "laughing gas." So his opinion was, she's 2, this particular hemangioma is harmless, it's not bothering her at all, so why subject her to this major medical procedure when the hemangioma might shrink on it's own anyway? My daughter still has it now, but it is smaller than it was a year ago. It looks like a spider, with a red dot center and little legs radiating off of the center. If I were you, I would still go talk to a dermatologist. It will put your mind at ease.


bbelmore - July 3

I'm sorry to sound stupid, but I'm wondering what this condition is as I have never heard if it.


JAI - July 3

When I was in my 3rd trimester all of a sudden a HUGE hemangioma grew right on my lip. I was so upset, and I was not able to hide it. Everyday the thing got bigger and bigger. The doctors did not want me to wait until after delivery to have it removed and I wanted it gone also. So I had to have it removed without being put out, they froze the area. And that was the end of that it was gone.


Brenda - July 4

I am taking this directly from my book. ----"This soft raised, strwberry red birthmark, as small as a frecle or as large as a coaster, is composed of immature veins and capillaries that broke away from the circulatory system during fetal development. it may rarely be seen at birth but typically appears suddently the first few weeks of life, and it is so common that one out ten babies will have one. Strawberry birthmarks grow for a while but eventually will start to fade to a pearly grayand almost minally disappear completely, sometime between ages five and ten. Although parents may be temted to demand treatment for a very abovious strawberry mark, particularly on the face, such birthmarks are often left untreated unless they continue to grow, repeatedly bleed ot become inffected, or interfere with a function, such as vision. tretment apparently can lead to more complications than amore conservative let-it-disappear-on-its-own approach."


Brenda - July 4

my niece has one in the middle of her forehead and she is now 5 and its fading, it was really big but they left it alone and she used to call it her Fiona since she couldn't say the whole word. I would ask for a second opinion just to be on the for sure side. But it is usually nothing to worry about. they are those cases that need treatment but you should always ask.


Nerdy Girl - July 4

I think what’s scary about these things are those medical shows on TLC and Discovery where they show the person with a huge vascular tumor the size of a bowling ball hanging off their face, and the parents say “It started out as a simple hemangioma.” That is one of the things that drove us to seek out the right doctor to evaluate our daughter.


Hi - July 4

Thanks ladies for your responses.I'm taking him to a specialist on hemangiomas and see what they say.I've seen tons of pictures and I watch discovery health all the time.Yes they show some scary stuff.I was shocked to discover they really don't know why some babies get these.Some of the treatments scare me too.I guess I just pray it stays small.I read somewhere that some don't grow that much.That would be a blessing.I'll update when I know more of what they plan to do.I appreciate everyones responses and hope to hear more.Thanks again..


Chelsey - July 5

My daughter developed a hemangioma on her eyebrow when she was about 3 weeks old. Her Dr. said it should be gone by the time she was 3. She is now 4 1/2 and it hasn't even begun to shrink down. We did take her to see a specialist, but they were concerned that it may not be a hemangioma after all , infact that it may be a vascular malformation... which is more deeply rooted and can not be removed with a laser. (It also will not go away) So we were sent to a VM specialist and cosmetic surgeon.. What they said they could do with it is use the laser to remove any redness, and then see if it will dissapear in a few years. If it doesn't go away, they can cut it out. We aren't bothered by the spot, but my daughter has bumped it numerously (and they bleed BIG time), and she now has little scars on it. (One time she poked it with a stick when she fell...Eeeeek!)... So now we are on a year and a half waiting list for the laser surgery.


dwc - July 5

My dd was born with one on the back of her left upper arm. It was about the size of a quarter and then around 2 years of age it completely disappeared on its own. The doc would look at it everytime we went in for well baby visits, but we did nothing to it and now you can not even tell it was there and she is 6 years old and have never had problems with it, but if it had been on her eye lid, I would have demanded something more be done. Follow you mommy instinct and make sure you are compeletly satisfied before stopping.


Hi - July 11

I just wanted to update everyone.We went to the specialists .They started him on steroids to slow the growth.Then sent us to an eye doctor who wants us to patch his other eye for an hour a day .So that he will open his eye with the hemangioma more.Hopefully the oral medicine will work .If not they talked about injected it in his eyelid.Geesh this whole thing is scary.Every doctor that saw him said "It's great you came in so soon".If we would've waited like the pedi said to things would've been harder on him.Esp. with trying to preserve his vision in that eye.So I deffinitely say follow your instincts.Hopefully this works.Thanks everyone who responded.Take Care..


olivia - July 11

My dd has three, one on the top of her head, on on her chest, and one on her lower back. The ped. was able to tell us by looking at them that they would not be the huge problematic kind. They are already fading at 10 1/2 months. White patches are just filling in the red a little at a time. Oddly, I feel like I am going to miss them...


Leahp - July 11

Yep, I can relate Olivia!! My nine month old baby girl has four. Her largest being on her upper arm but about the size of a quarter, it just sticks out a lot and three little guys on her back, and my hubby and I always say, " Hey you stole my strawberry!!" They've actually made her special in her own little way. We took her to a specialist who of course said they are not a risk and that it seems that they have stopped growing, so I guess we'll see. It would be nice if they started to fade soon, the kids at daycare always let me know that they saw her strawberries, and I kinda feel bad for my baby girl although she hasn't become self conscious as of now!



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