Hemmroids Tmi

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Landybear - January 15

My ds is 5 months and I have had hemmroids since a few days after he was born. I have been given proctosert and proctosol but nothing seems tto be doing the trick. I have also tried the over the counter creams too and still no luck. I am wondering in anyone can recommend anything as I really don't want to have surgery. Also sometimes it bleeds too is that normal (sorry tmi) its not every time I have a bm. Any advice is greatly appericated as anyone who has experienced these little ba**ards knows it can be SUPER painful. Thanks in advance.


mcatherine - January 15

Proctofoam and fiber. I also took colcae (stool softener) every day for around 3 weeks until the fiber started to make a real difference. They can also prescribe Lidocaine jelly to put on them if they are painful.


lenae - January 15

Heh, I have had them since I got pregnant with my first (he's five years and 4 months).


incognito - January 16

I have a dumb ? how do u know if u have hemmroids?


Landybear - January 16

incognito...trust me you would know. Mcathrine what exactally does the fiber to I thought it just keeps you regular but I could be wrong. As far as stool softner did that seem to help? I guess I am to the point where I am willing to try just about anything. After ds was born I also had a piece of tissue that did not heal correctly and had to be snipped of (OUCH) and they didn't give me anything for it then they put silver nitrate on it (4 seperate times) and that stung like hell but it also stung everytime I went pee. Between the pain from that and the hemmroids I told dh that next baby I am demanding a c-section...lol not sure if that will make a difference, a girl can hope right?


mcatherine - January 16

I would have a c-section to avoid the hemmroids again, but luckily - this was my last baby...lol. I went to see a surgeon about mine. They were bad from the moment I stopped pushing and never really got any better. I had one that thrombossed (blood clot) and several more that wouldn't go away. The surgeon explained that the surgery was very painful and so we decided to take another route. Fiber does make you regular, but it also helps keep the bowel clean - pulling pieces of harden bowel from the sides of your colon. The stool softener (my best friend at times, hehe) forces the bowel to absorb water, making it softer and easier to go to the bathroom. Both of them make the stool soft - which relieves pressure (the heaviness) that the bowel places on the veins (roids). When the pressure is gone - the hemmroids can start to heal. At first I kept saying I felt no pressure, but the surgeon also said that it may not feel like it to me, but it was there and the proof was the hemmroids. Now, I take Fibersure three times a day and occasionly have to take the softener - as now I can feel the pressure on my bowel that she was talking about. I drink an obnoxious amount of water every day, too. Obviously, stool softener shouldn't be taken every day for the rest of your life, but they did have me take 100mg of Colace every night for 3 weeks. The lidocaine jelly is a prescription pain reliever. It numbed everything so much that I felt better as soon as I put it on. The only other thing I can think that I did is embara__sing, but no more than sitting in a hemmroid surgeon's office with all the truck drivers and old men staring at me, lol!! Ma__sage. Not pretty, not fun (I did it in the tub), but they told me to ma__sage them every night until my body started to reabsorb them. Everything I did seemed to have worked. They were gone in about a month, but if I skip a day or two of fiber - I can feel the pressure, so that doesn't happen very often. Hope you feel better!!!!!


mcatherine - January 16

Oh - and the Prctofoam? Did you try it? It's a prescription foam that you apply down below that helps to shrink them. Worked for me when nothing else did. And I tried everything!!! It actually burned a little, but I could tell immediatley that it was working. It isn't cheap by any means, but it worked well for me!


mcatherine - January 16

Proctofoam (Lovely name, eh??)


krc - January 16

sometimes...so i've heard, your diet can influence them. Drink plenty of water, eat more veggies, more fiber, but lots of water, etc...


San - January 16

Also, to speed things up a little, you can go to your doc and get him to lance it/them. It can be done in the office, he'she will give you a numbing agent then slice out the blood clot. It's slightly painful for the next day or so but I found it really helped me out...until the fissure came. Good luck


Landybear - January 16

Thanks you all of your ideas. Is protofoam just a cream or a suppository. I have a cream called proctosol but mine are internal so that is why I got the proctosert (suppository) hopefully they will go away soon. I will try the things you guys suggested. Thanks again.



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