Her Teeth Are Turning Black

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Dani aka Kamries mommy - May 31

Kamrie is only 9 months old and has her 2 bottom teeth. Over the weekend my mother noticed they were looking a little discolored. Almost black. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he said that she probably feel and hit them. He said that they will probably turn all of the way black and fall out. I am very upset when he told me this. I asked if there was anything I could do for them and he calmly said no. I just feel horrible. I dont remember her falling and hitting them. When I got home I called a dentist that specializes in infants and they said they would see her but they can not get her in until Aug 14. I do not want my baby to have to go her entire childhood without her 2 front teeth. Has anyone else experienced this?


Rabbits07 - May 31

I've not experienced it personally, but a little girl in our church fell when she was around 18 months old and knocked one of her bottom front teeth out and then her older sister accidentally hit her in the mouth and knocked the other front bottom one out. These were knocked out immediately and didn't turn black (she didn't even cry or anything...apparently some children's roots aren't as deep as others). It's not your fault so you shouldn't beat yourself up about it...babies fall all the time. She probably didn't even cry just like the little girl I mentioned which is probably why you didn't know about it. I know you are upset about her being without those teeth, but I thought the little girl at church looked cute when she smiled. Also, consider the fact that your pedi isn't a dentist, so she may not even lose them.


Shea - May 31

A girl I work with had that happen to her daughter. She was older - maybe 4 - but anyway, the dentist said there was nothing he could do, that they would probably fall out. Well they didn't - they eventually got better in a few months, and everything was ok. They said they were bruised from a fall also. I think the dentist wanted to do some elaborate procedure, and she said no. Hope this helps!


Steph - May 31

It could be iron stains on her teeth that just need to be polished out. Iron . Is there another ped dentist that you could get into a little quicker? Hope all goes well for you! :o) Found this info for you....**** If your child's teeth look yellow or orange, it's most likely because they aren't being cleaned thoroughly and have developed a build-up of plaque that is stained with food debris. You can usually remove these stains by brushing the teeth with a little bit of adult toothpaste (which contains more scrubbing power than children's) or a little bit of baking soda and water. If this doesn't work, your dentist can remove the stains with a professional scrubbing. These stains are not necessarily an indication of tooth decay, but letting plaque acc_mulate on the teeth can cause gum disease (even in youngsters!) and it's not a good habit to get into. If you're seeing dark stains on your toddler's teeth, it may be due to the iron in his multivitamin. If your child is the one in a thousand who is susceptible to this kind of stain, you'll have to be even more vigilant about brushing regularly and thoroughly to stay on top of it. Once these stains have taken root, they're very difficult to get off, even with a professional scrubbing from your dentist. However, they won't affect the health of your child's teeth even though you might not like the way they look. Baby teeth (usually one or two) can also become discolored if they're injured in a fall. This kind of stain is on the inside of the teeth and cannot be cleaned off. If your child has a chronic illness or recurrent high fevers or is exposed to certain medications or to excess fluoride over long periods during their infant or toddler years, it will probably not affect his baby teeth but can cause his adult teeth to grow in discolored.


Dani aka Kamries mommy - June 1

Thank you so much girls. That makes me feel a lot better. I really hope that it is just iron stains. I never thought of that but it does make sence.



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