Hes Driving Me Nuts

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Deirdra - February 14

Im about to rip my hair out...my Ds is normally very mild mannered...but today he is being the biggest little shit ever (pardon my laguage) he scremas bloody murder until i pick him up and then he stops...i cant get anything done...i have panned a nice speghtti and meatball dinner with homemade cheesecake dessert...but i cant get it done i was also cleaning the house and getting caught up on laundry...i dont know what to do...ive tried everything...his play mats playpen swing highcahir bouncy seat my bed...the tv in one room the tv in the other...his crib with mobile...tummy time...laying flat sitting up...nothing is working and he is screaming not crying i mean litterally screaching!!!! i dont know what to do but im getting seiously p___sed off...i cant deal with all this screaming and what is bothering me most is i have to pick him up...then he stops like a light switch..its so frusterating this is my first married valentines day and i wanted it to be perfect but its being ruinied!!!


jas - February 14

Welcome to motherhood. Seriously - my Jadon screams and loves doing it. I got ear plugs :) They say when you have a baby you can't plan anything so don't... "they" have a point. Is there a nap in his future? Work on dinner then. If not, maybe go out - or have dh help you cook when he comes home - nothing brings two people closer together then making meatb___s... Two sets of hands, one bowl of meat... oh yeah... :) Jadon has periods of wanting to be held or he will scream. I just hold him - there isn't anything else I can do other then that when he is like that. But it pa__ses and I am able to distract him with other things for a bit... If your's is demanding, give in a little and work around it. Mostly, breathe... You can find a way to work around it :)


mandee25 - February 14

I have to second what jas said "welcome to motherhood". The baby is number one now and you have to fullfill his needs first. I know this sometimes sucks when you are trying to get something done but I guess we have to suck it up and deal with it. Maybe you could use a break from the LO. Is there anyone who would look after him for a few hours today? I have my days too where I think "I just can't do this anymore!" Sometimes after a bad day I just hand him over to dh and say, "Here you take him for awhile. I have had him ALL DAY!" and then go have a good cry. Don't get me wrong. I love Noah to death and everything. Becoming a mother is the most challenging and rewarding thing ever and it is hard sometimes but just hang in there hunnie and it will get better. I hope it works out. :-)


Lisastar9 - February 14

Do you have any extra money to buy teething tablets from the health food store,have you given ant tylenol .


ry - February 14

I hear you, Deirdra, Bella has been driving me crazy lately too. Dh works a lot so sometimes he does not even see her and i am alone with her from the crack of dawn til she goes to bed and by the end of the day my nerves are shot. I just bought her a playpen and she hates it but sometimes if i have to go the bathroom or throw in some laundry i put her in there (where she is safe and let her cry for a couple minutes). Otherwise I would never get anything done! Oh and baby einstein saves my life too!


Deirdra - February 14

well i just put him on my bed put the tv...,ade sure he was dry feed and warm and put pillows arounds him and i shut the door and walked away i just cant...im seriously at my wits end i dont even want to hld him and i have 3 more hours before dh comes home and i dont think he will be much help...i did get the cheesecake and meat b___s done...but im seriously gonna go insane...my downstairs neighbors probably think im killing him...i just dont know he isnt normally like this...can this be an allergic reaction...i tired him on for breakfast...and since then its been hell!!! i wish they had an off switch seriously...i need somone to take him and no one is aorund and im snowed in...i know it sounds mean but i just want him to shut the hell up for 5 minutes seriouly...


Deirdra - February 14

i tired him on peas....for breakfast


ashtynsmom - February 14

Yes, you definitely need to take a deep breath and relax. I know they can be trying at times, but maybe he doesn't feel good. If he isn't normally like this, then there must be something wrong, or else he jsut wants to cuddle with mommy- I mean it is Valentines Day!! You are his valentine, remember?!


apr - February 14

Deirdra-how old is ur ds? I am having the same thing today all day!!! And... he is on a food strike....screams and screams but wont eat. so I tried giving him mashed banana which he loves, all splashed over the floor and his chair grr. now aftera bath e always has a bottle and off to bed, well he didnt want to take his bottle and after screaming he finally fell asleep... I stopped believing its teeth, b/c I have been thinking that since 3 months and at 6 months theres no teeth...


apr - February 14

oh and deirdra, I just read ur other posts, theres no need to get stressed about it. Seriously, he feels it when u r stressed. When my ds crys and screams I usually take him for a walk in the fresh air...that always seems to help, but right now its too late for that, and its cold. Try giving him a toy he likes, or hold him close to you and talk to him softly. That always helps me... seriously, when u are stressed, he will be even more...good luck


Deirdra - February 14

Trent is 4 months today...i just doont know...i have him on his tummy and watching TV and he is ok now...for what like 2 minutes? i just dont know...im calming down now that he is quiet....i think he might be due to sleep now...but he wont...but so yea ima let him ddo what hes doing and maybe i can get some ironing done....thanks for letting me vetn and sound like the worst mother ever...


Rans - February 14

Maybe he is overtired? Try cuddling with him (maybe with a bottle) lay with him on the bed. When my dd is fussy I use the corner of a receiving blanket and gently rub her face and it soothes her down. Put on some soothing music (dd loves her fisher price aquarium music) and have some quiet relaxing time. Is he teething? Could he be in pain? Does he have a sore bum or is constipated? Maybe a warm bath would calm him. Try anything, I know you are frustrated but it will come to an end at some point. I am sure your dh will be more than understanding if supper is late, I am sure he would appreciate knowing that you spent your day doing your absolute best to take care of your son. Take a deep breath and check on your son. Good luck!


Rans - February 14

Sorry Dierdra, I started my post and got interupted. Some of my advice was a little late and you answered some of it already.


LisaB - February 14

Take a huge deep breath and relax cuz ds is picking up on your anxiety and wants you to hold him to calm him. Any expextations for a perfect Vday dinner can go out the windon you have a new baby that is healthy so you are having a perfect Vday regardless. I know how frustrating it can be my dh had to do training out of town when ds was 6 months old my dh was gone for 8 weeks Mon-Friday we were living in a new city I had 1 friendwho has a life and my dad and stepmom who work like crazy peole so I was alone all the time with my little man. I always wanted to have the house spotless, dinner on the table and everything "perfect" when my dh would get home Friday night but without a doubt Friday would roll around and my ds had other plans- big plans none of which involved helping me out. Its Murphys Law. You and you dh will have many many more Valentines Days and some will be perfect and some wont and thats ok. Cuddle and love on your lo give him the time and attention he needs when you dh gets home tell him your intentions and let him take your ds so you can catch up on your plans. Its ok not to have things perfect babys are messy as is life let go and enjoy what you can. I hope you feel better.


Patti - February 14

Don't rule out an ear infection. My dd (5 mos) started waking in the night and fussing all day unless held. I then noticed she was fussy when she was drinking her bottle. Took her to the Dr and sure enough, she had an ear infection. A few days on antibiotics and she was her happy self again. Also, it took forever from me to figure out that my oldest dd (4yr) starts whining, crying and being a brat about a day before she shows other symptoms of illness. Every time I'd say to dh that she's being a brat and cried all day and the next day she'd have a fever, or cough or other illness. Of course everybody has a bad day and maybe it's just one of those days. It's so hard when they can't tell us what's wrong. Take a deep breath and remember this won't last forever. Good luck!


mandee25 - February 14

Deirdra, you don't sound like the worst mother ever. You are just having a stressful day and that comes with having a baby sometimes. It's normal and no mom is perfect. Let us know how your dinner went tomorrow.


Allie - February 14

Deirdra - you are NOT the worst mom - not even a bad mom; you obviously love your little boy very much!!! It is so ok to get frustrated when our little ones have "tantrum" days and nothing but us will make them happy. It's hard when you want to do somthing for yourself and your partner, and you can't b/c of the baby; walking away is sometimes the only thing you can do - good luck!!!



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