Hey January Mommies Lets Catch Up

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chrissi79 - February 8

Just wondering how all the January mom's are doing? How was everyone's deliveries? How are you all doing with baby?? I delivered one day early...Jan. 29th, I was at my dr.s appt. that morning and b/c I had HBP my doc checked me and I was 2 cm dialated. I had been having contractions all day the day before as well as back pain like crazy. So she sent me over to the hospital to be induced. An hour later I was in L&D and when the Dr. checked me I was 3cm, so they broke my water at 1:05, and put me on the Pitocin drip. My contractions were very manageable until about 5:45 when they started getting pretty painful. So I asked for an epidural at 6:00, and of course my luck the anethitist was in a surgery for an hour...so by 7pm I was in sooo much pain, I was 8cm dialated and, was having NO rest in between contractions...it was terrible for that one hour - like as soon as I found out I wouldn't be able to have my epi, they became unbearable!! But at 7:00 I finally had the epidural and by 7:15 I was pain free - but feeling SO much pressure...like I had to push...and by 7:25 I WAS pushing, and about half an hour later my little angel was lying on my chest! I could not believe how the pushing stage was not even painful, but sooo tiring!!! I was amazed at the euphoria I felt as soon as she was out!! We are doing great now...I still can't believe it! I'm absolutely in love with her!! She was born 6lbs and 19inches long, very tiny and has already started gaining...she was 6lbs, 12oz at her one week appt. B--tfeeding is going pretty well and I'm tired but i'm enjoying every second of her!!! :) Hope everyone else is doing amazing, look forward to hearing about your little ones.


Gena - February 9

Hey chrissi! Isn't it amazing how much faster this forum moves than the 3rd trimester forum did?? I didn't even notice your thread. I was due January 6th and I was induced Jan 8th. I went in at 8pm and had the cervadil put on. I had been at 2 cm for about 3 weeks. They checked me at 5 am and I had no progress adn they started pitocin. I started having contractions very close together, Ididn't really get a break in between. I did that until 1 pm and never dialated any more. So my Dr. said I could go back home and come back next week or try again that night. Well I was not about to go home w/o her! I continued to have contractions all night but not as close together. They started cervadil again at 8pm and pitocin at 5. That was the worst night ever! I got my epidural at 7:30 and I ended up having Ella Rae at 12:56 pm Jan 10th. She was 7 lb 5 oz 19.5 inches long. The first night was hard but she does pretty well since then. we have our bad nights but who doesn't. I'm glad you only had to push for a half hour and you're doing well. Are you feeling okay?? She's only a couples weeks old right?? Did you have to have st_tches?? Good luck to you :)


chrissi79 - February 9

Hey Gena, I'm feeling great aside from the constant lack of sleep of course....I'm sure you can relate! She is not even 2 weeks old yet...she will be on monday though and I can't believe how fast its going by so far! We are the same, she is ok some nights, and others she will take so long to get back to sleep after her feeding. I had like 2 st_tches!! lol how about you? Honestly, all things considered I had a pretty good delivery, especially for my first baby...I was only in labor for 7 hours really. Are you b___stfeeding? I am finding it pretty demanding, but i love feeding her...very rewarding feeling!!


Gena - February 9

I know, my husband was worried aboutme a couples times b/c I would start to cry worrying about her growing up too fast. I'm not b___stfeeding, I was unable b/c I'm prediabetic and couldn't go off my medicine. I wish I could have though. Do you remember how long they told you to use the squirt bottle for your st_tches?? I can't remember how long my dr. said. Do you work?? It's so cold here and it sucks b/c I never want to get her out. I only had to have one st_tch! We lucked out huh! Have you ventured out of the house w/ her yet?


chrissi79 - February 9

I've been only to doc's appts . with her...its been soooo cold out and snow covered sidewalks are not very inviting. I don't recall them saying how long to use the squirt bottle for, but I dont imagine we'd need it too long with one and two st_tches!! lol we sure did luck out...has your bleeding stopped?


Pea Pod - February 9

Hey there! I may have to make this quick...Alivia is making noises like she might want to be picked up soon. I find it hard to post on here because I usually have a baby in my arms, but I read the posts a lot. Anyway, I had Alivia January 17. She was due Jan 22. Started having contractions and timing them close to 11 the night beore, thought my water might have broken so went to l&d and they said it hadn't and I was still only 2.5 cm (that's what I was a week ago at my dr appt) and my contractions weren't close enough yet so I could either walk around and see if I make progress or they could give me sleeping pills and i could go home and try to sleep and come back later. Even though I live 30-40 min away from the hospital, I decided since I still hadn't dilated any more that I could use the rest in case it was a long labor, so we went home. Barely slept, contractions were getting worse. When we woke up I tried taking a bath but it didn't help and was uncomfortable, tried to eat some breakfast but contractions were getting really bad, so we went to the hospital around 10 that morning, me moaning the whole way. Walking into the hospital took awhile for all the stops I had to make! Got there and found I was 7 cm. No wonder! Contractions were one right after another and even though I had hoped to do natural, I was BEGGING for the epidural. I couldn't beleive the pain and there was no where to go to get away from it. Finally got to the delivery room and got the epidural, by then I didn't seem to be having any breaks between contractions. But one contraction later, I couldn't feel any more contractions and it was WONDERFUL! So, we visited with our parents and the nurse until I was fully dilated, sent everyone out of the room about 1:40, started pushing, and two hours later Alivia was on my belly instead of in it! And the wonderful thing is, the two main reasons I had wanted to go natural weren't even a concern. One reason was I wanted to be able to feel her being born, and I totally did, just without the pain, and the other was I wanted her alert and able to b___stfeed right away, and she was and she did. She was 6 lb 15 oz 18.75 inches and perfectly healthy. I didn't tear so I didn't need st_tches so I got to feeling normal pretty quick. Breastfeeding wasn't working for me so I'm pumping and bottlefeeding her and that is working out great. She seems to be a bottomless pit sometimes. Some nights are good, others not so much. I've managed to get back into exercising some. I started out with just walking on the treadmill but got really bored with it and even though I was told to wait for my 6 week appt to work out, I started doing tae bo again the other day and totally loved it! I can move again! Well, she's crying so I gotta wrap this up.


Gena - February 12

Chrissy, I thought my bleeding had stopped but then it has started up again. I'm on b/c though so I'm wondering if I started my period already?? I don't know!! How would we ever know the difference? My dh is all excitedabout my 6 week apt but I'm scared to ever do IT again!! Where are you from? It's awful here too. i livein INdiana and we're expect 12-18 inches tonight. Do you have a myspace or anything? I'd love to see pictures of your little one!


chrissi79 - February 12

Gena, I'm on Facebook. Tons of pics up on there of her...the carried away new mommie syndrom! lol I'd say that sounds like you are starting a cycle again yeah. I seem to have (knock on wood) stopped bleeding too, but i'm b___stfeeding so not allowed on BC...I am actually SO looking fwd to doing "it" again LOL ;) hubby and I were just fooling around yesterday and I was dying to jump him, hahah, but I want to wait until my 6week checkup to make sure everything is ok...and to tighten up a bit I guess!! LOL ;) I am in Toronto...


Gena - February 16

hey chrissi how haveyou been? So do you work, if sowhen do you go back?? I'm due back in 10 days. I'm ready although I know I'll regret saying that when I get there. We just had a winter storm here and have been under snow emergency so not even allowed to leave the house. Where are you from? My 6 week check up is on the 23rd and I'm a little nervous! I had to cancel her apt yesterday due to being snowed in. I'm anxious to see how much she's grown. How's the baby doing so far? She's started smiling now, the real smiles anyways last week and its' the cutest thing I've ever seen. It really shows off their personality. PS I read your question on the postpardum board and I'm pretty sure that is the after delivery discharge "smell". I haven't noticed it anymore so I think you're safe! The things we go through. . .


chrissi79 - February 16

Hey Gena...I'm from Toronto. I have a year off - something I love about Canada...i am not due back until next January sometime...Baby is doing well...she's eating lots, and I think she's going thru a growth spurt b/c she's been sleeping longer too...and her food intake has increased over the past few days. How old is your LO now? DD will be 3 weeks on Monday, already, I can't believe it!!! Goes so quickly doesn't it? Wow so you guys got hit hard with the snow huh? We've not had anything too bad here... So how come you are nervous about your 6week checkup? I couldn't book my pp appt. until March 29th...exactly 2mths after delivery...wanted to do it sooner but my docs' all booked up!! :( Hopefully the snow clears up there! Its bad enough being stuck inside most days, but to literally be STUCK inside is NOT cool!!!! Talk to you soon...take care. Oh yeah, and what is WITH that smell down there...I guess you know what I'm talking about right? LOL- its not like I'm not clean or anything, I shower EVERY DAY - hopefully it goes away like VERY SOON!! :)



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