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jb - July 7

For the past two weeks I have been feeding dd oatmeal and rice. She is doing awesome with it. I feed her in her swing (with the chair tilted upright) or I have someone hold her (usually my mother so she can feel as if she is part of things!!!). Anyhow, I need to get a high chair for dd for the times when dh is working or when I am not visiting my mother. What high chairs do you people use? What recommendations do you have? Thanks in advance!


LisaB - July 7

I have the Fisher Price Aquaruim Healthy High chair and love it. It has a toy that ds loves and also a tray that can go in dishwasher making clean up easy.


lilmomma88 - July 7

ok sorry to ask such a dumb question..but i keep seeing DH, DD, and DS everywhere..what does it mean?


Shea - July 7

Ditto to the Fisher Price Aquarium High Chair - I love it!


krnj - July 7

When should they start using a highchair? My ds is 4 months and isn't really sitting up by himself yet. I also have the aquarium highchair & can't wait to use it. lilmomma88, DH=dear husband, DD=dear daughter, DS=dear son. LO=little one-that's on here a lot too.


jb - July 7

krnj - I was told they can use it when they can sit supported. The high chair after all is the support. My dd is going to be 5 months on Tuesday. She has been sitting with support for about a month now. I would say if your ds is sitting with your a__sistance, try the chair out. Worst case, you wipe it off and shove it back in the corner for a week or so!!! Also, I heard the aquarium high chair can recline, is that true? Is the fabric the kind you can just wipe off?


lilmomma88 - July 7



krnj - July 7

Thanks jb I think I will try it. I'm not sure if it reclines or not, it's still in the box lol.


Christy - July 7

I have a Chicco Polly. So far it has been rally good for us. It folds up very compactly and cleans up well. I just wish it was a little more upright when it is fully upright (it reclines all the way back), but I have last year's model, so they may have fixed this in this year's model. Also, I got my chair on clearance at Baby Depot for $85 out the door. The new ones are going for like $135 at BRU.


AmandaManns - July 7

I have the fisher price aquarium and love it. It is a little pricey but it is awesome.


grandma - July 8

I'm not a fan of the new high chair's...too big, too may nooks and crannys for food stuff to get stuck in, and most of all who needs a chair the reclines? I found an old fashion wood chair in a thrift store one for my daughter and one for her friend (she shares my opinion) Why not put your little one in the car seat until he/she is able to sit upright in a high chair? Place a blanket down first to catch any spills and keep the seat clean. Or, try sitting baby in your lap. If money is tight, go second hand. Baby won't care and you could treat yourself to something new with the cash you saved:)


cae - July 8

Ive got the most basic highchair there is that reclines. It has a large tray, with very little nooks and cranny so that food will not get stuck in(like grandma said). It is very, very easy to clean. Nothing too fancy. I love i!


AmandaManns - July 8

Yes the fisher price high chair has 3 different reclining positions and it is the vinyl cover so clean up is a breeze!!


Nerdy Girl - July 8

We use one of those travel high-chairs that straps on to your regular kitchen chair. I think our is a First Years, but I know that there are a couple to choose from at Babies R Us. It's around $30, and has several positions. You can recline it all the way back for a very young baby so they can sit at the table with you even before they are actually eating solids. We have two of these chairs and have both our 7-month-old and our 3-year-old in one. The baby uses it as a high chair and the 3 year old uses it as a booster. It's a very versatile item and takes up no extra room in the kitchen. I cannot believe I have never bought a big full-size high chair. We love these things!



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