Holding Breath

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Cori - October 18

Has anyone else had this happen? My baby is 4 months old and she looses her breath for a long peroid of time were she turns bright red, eyes bulge and her entire body tightens up...I have to turn her over and pat her back so she can catch her breath, or even get air... Doctor ran tests, still no results, possible seizures?? I am scared to death help???


BBK ® © - October 19

Are you sure she's not trying to have a bowel movement when that happens?


CORI - October 19

No its definently not that, this is the scariest thing ever.


BBK ® © - October 20

I looked it up quite a bit Cori but I can't find anything on this, except some cases of willful breath holding by 5 month olds who were throwing tandrums. I gather this is not the case with your baby. I suppose you'll have to wait for the results.


cori - October 20

yes have to wait, spend the night in the er, catscan of head is perfect x-rays of chest perfect, bloodwork perfect, tomorrow have the eeg to detect if it is seizures, but it happened again lat night that's why we went to the hospital asap.... It scares me so much..Thanks


cori - November 10

Thank you for your reply. They are doing an upper GI tomorrow, and going to see a neurologist next week. The only thing I don't understand is she is always playing around when it happens, never crying or throwing a tandtrum when it happens. Alot of mothers have suggested testing acid reflex sine the eeg came back normal. What kind of seizures did they detect your son of having?


KJL - November 10

My son woke up from a dead sleep last night screaming and holding his breath. his whole body was bright red. I blew in his face and he started breathing again. I though I should call the life squad because he was really scaring me and he wouldn't quit screaming. I finally after about ten minutes got him to nurse and he went back to sleep. Earlier in the day I was changing his diaper and he started screaming and holding his breath. he acted like he wanted to throw up and kept holding his breath but he wasn't crying as hard and didn't last as long. Is this what your little one is doing? My son is six months old. Nobody believes me that it is happening.


have you - November 11

checked for sleep apnia? my hubby has it so I gotta watch my boys really close at night. maybe have your doctor check for that,


cori - November 11

No my daughter doesn't do that, in fact she will be playing and then you look down at her and her face will be bright red and her whole body stiff. She never makes a sound really, and usually gets herself out of it, but then again I have been there everytime its happened. Do you have the angel care monitor for the night? That is a lifesavor and that way you don't have to worry and you could actually get some sleep. She had an uper GI today to detect if it is acid reflex , and the doctor said she does have some reflex, but she also has an appointment next week to see if its seizures, since she stiffens her body when holding her breath. Your son sounds like he has sleep apenia, I'm no doctor, but after researching alot that kinda sounds like it.


William - November 22

KLJ, my 2-week-old son does the same thing. When he cries, he sometimes holds his breath until he turns blue. It's almost like if you were to try to hold a musical note for as long as possible, until your lungs are completely empty of air. He does eventually take a breath and rapidly gets his color back, but it's still concerning. According to the doctors and from what I've seen online, infants aren't supposed to hold their breath. Does anybody have any information on this?


cmw - August 17

Cori, is your daughter still having this issue? My daughter is 6 weeks old and just started doing the same thing yesterday. We went to the doctors & they said it could be acid reflux. He did tell me about all the precautions & tests we could do, just like you have done. What did you find out with your daughter? I am so scared. Please help.



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