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km - June 6

My son will be 10 weeks and I know babies are supposed to have plenty of tummy time to strengthen their neck and arm muscles but I seem to never have time to put him on his belly, or I'll just forget, or when I do, he fusses after 5 minutes. I feel like I'm neglecting him in this way and he's going to be OLD when he finally gets those muscles stronger. If I sit him up against pillows or when I hold him, he'll hold his head steady for a few but he still has a bobble-head. So, he's learning but I feel it's not enough. How old are babies when they hold their head normally and should I force him to stay on his belly a little longer to get used to it? I just hope he's not behind because of me...


YC - June 6

I am not sure of the exact age. My dd has held her head up well since very early. We started tummy time consistently at 4 weeks old. I would encourage you to get him on his tummy as much as possible. They really need that time to develop. My dd hated it to but we just kind of stuck with it a little longer everyday. You can also lay him on your chest as you lay flat and that will encourage him to lift his head and work those muscles. Also propping him up on a pillow like boppy works. We also bought a mirror for he rto look at while on her tummy. Now at 24 weeks she can't get enough of the floor and is scootin around and getting into everything.


Rabbits07 - June 6

They generally gain good head control by about 3-4 months, but like everything else it can vary in either direction. YC is right, the tnmmy time is important...and even just the 5 minutes will help him tremendously. If you have a problem remembering it (which is totally understandable with all the hectics of having a new baby) try putting a reminder note on something that you see everyday, like the changing table or fridge.


austinsmom - June 6

hi km.....don't feel like you are alone and don't worry about your lo being behind.....I am a first time mom and noone actually made a point of telling me about belly time until my lo's 2 month appt....and I also had problems forgetting after that ....my lo hated tummy time when I did do it.....but hey now he is 5 months old and sitting a__sisted and holding his head up just fine.....like the others say just try to buckle down and put him on his belly for 5 min as many times a day as you can and he will be alright......when you put him on your shoulder to burp him does he try to lift his head then? My lo did this and maybe that helped with the strengthening of the muscles too.......anyway I think it was about 3.5 months before he was holding head really good and by 4 months I could put him in jumper and let him go!!!! You are a good mom just do your best that is all anyone including your son could ask........take care :-)


km - June 7

I put him on his tummy last night and he didn't even last 5 minutes! He flails his arms and legs and has his face down on the blanket. He was moving his body around so much, I thought he might roll over! I'll just make sure to do it every day though even if he fusses. Austinsmom...yes, he holds his head pretty well when I burp him over my shoulder, he even tries to stand up.


austinsmom - June 7

One thing that may help is to put a toy or a couple of toys down with him just within reach and maybe show him the toys and play with them with him....that may make him a little happier about the belly time if he is entertained and also may make him want to reach for the toys himself which may hopefully lead to him trying to hold his head up to look around.....you could try this if you want it should'nt hurt regardless so you have nothing to loose.......good luck!!!


BabySage - June 9

My LO likes being on his tum at 2 weeks ^^ guess I am lucky. I never put him on his tum on the floor or anything just a few mins here and there when I or Hubby are in bed laying on our chests. He loves it and tries very hard to lift his head. He holds it quite well too ^.^



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