HOLY COW I Figured Out Piczo Pics Of Alexa

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tish212 - May 8

Yay, wow that was SUPER easy, i had no idea... right now i am between 2 laptops, one brand new one with only a few pics loaded on it, and one with a virus, so i have to have the pictures checked to make sure they are ok before i bring them over to this notebook..but wanted to share pics of my lil one with everyone... there will be more pics soon!!!


tish212 - May 8

wow... adding the link would help... tish212 (dot) piczo (dot) com


mlm056 - May 8

Hi! Your post got me curious -- so I checked out piczo -- now I am hooked! So easy - got my site up and running while DS is napping! I tried to post on to your piczo board... still learning not sure if it worked? Beautiful little girl!


tish212 - May 8

thank you, lol when i looked at nerdygirls thats when i decided to try it out, and it was super easy!!


tish212 - May 8

oh yeah to add the background... on the tools part scroll over till you see background, then pic one... thats all i did oh btw, saw your page, he is ADORABLE!! that plane pic his hair is soo cute!! i hope to add more to mine when alexa is asleep tonite...lol she is awake now... :) for anyone else thinking about it, it is super easy and it walks you through the whole thing.... great way to show off your lil one(s)


tish212 - May 9

Ok i figured out more about it, and now have pics up from the whole time, from first born to now... and there is a pic of me and dh (however the pic of me is really really bad, but i figured i would share)


Mariefe - May 9

Wow, how cute little Angel you have! Im sure no matter how difficult it is to look after a baby... her smiles, giggles and coos makes all your stress go away. :)


tish212 - May 9

ok i finished up on it today, sorry that there were still blank pages, now there are pics of all of us... and the oly page not filled out is the profile page... lemme know what you think!!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - May 10

She is adorable...glad I inspired you lol your piczo looks great.


tish212 - May 11

I dont think i posted on your post about yours nerdygirl, but she is adorable!!!! and i love her name, however i dont have pics of me pregnant... lol i was just not feeling that whole take my picture thing lol! but i cant stop taking pics of my lil girl...and it is amazingly easy! Thanks for your compliment!! Also thank you Mariefe! oh and nerdy, i think you looked at it while i was working on it again tonite, lol so if you look at it again it is updated and finished...dh interupted me halfway through, then alexa woke up so it sat in limbo for about 2 hours lol


eclectic66 - May 11

Ohhh, she is a cutie pie!! I also loved the pics of your man with the guns (reminds me of my hubby...we have a lot of those as well and yes, they are locked up too...lol) Your piczo site looks really good. I am going to work on mine hoppefully on my next days off (I am at work right now, but don't have access to my pics to upload unfortunately)..then maybe I could get something done :-) Is there an option to turn off your comment board on piczo?? I was asking because some ppl I can leave comments and others I can't. I think I have mine enabled because ppl can msg me. Still trying to learn the whole thing....


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - May 11

It still looks great, I need to add belly pics from this pregnancy, I have only taken 1 pcture so far lol but I plan on doing weekly ones starting tomorrow. I need to post ultrasound pictures, then I get another one on Wednesday and hopefully I can tell everyone if I'm having a girl or boy. ECLECTIC-you can delete the comment page if you wanted too. I deleted mine for some reason...just looked at it and saw it was gone lol. I have to set mine back up lol


wantanotheraftertr - May 11

Tish she is so cute! I think I will try to set it up for Joseph


kay101 - May 12

Aw tishums you inspired a piczo movement haha


tish212 - May 12

lol kay, but the thing is, is that eclectic and Kendra both made pages, so then that inspired me, i think since i said how easy it is has made more people wanna try it out... ya know kay... you could do one, so i can see more pics of lil mini mommie and the lil man!!! (aww come on join the movement!)



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