Holy Cow Somebody Shoot Me Please

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flower.momma - March 4

Aaaaaah! I just took my lo's to the park (gorgeous day). There was a mom there who was probably 5' tall, and maybe a size 0, but she had a round little tummy. She looked like she was 6-months pregnant. We were making small talk and I asked her how far along she was. Guess what.... she wasn't pregnant!!!! I think I'm going to die of embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bradylove - March 4

aww w, I wonder what the belly was??? You know, that has happened to me a couple of times when I had diastasis and I really couldn't care less, so I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you....lol! But I know how you feel...just don't be so hard on yourself!


eliz24 - March 4

I had a friend once who only gained weight on her stomach and people were always asking her "what she was having?" or "when she was due?" she pretty much just laughed it off,hopefully that lady will too! : ).....oh yeah and I remember reading somewhere before that you were from Portland,I am from Eugene,so I know what you mean about the 'gorgeus day' it sure was nice to see the sun,huh? we went to the park as well.


Smilefull - March 4

ha! flower.momma don't worry I'm sure she would've just laughed it off. She's probably used to it if it's so obvious. Maybe she was just kidding with you when she said she wasn't pregnant??? Probably got a kick out of it. Once we had cleaning ladies over to our house when I was just about to pop. She was like "Oh you're pregnant I am too! Can you see the bump?"---This lady was a apple shape--there was no beginnign and no end..it was all a bump .I just stammered "Oh yeah--so cute!" My point is--it's happened tonnes of times before and probably will again to many many other people. Don't worry!


CyndiG - March 4

I did that once! A lady, who was visiting my church for the first time, had this really huge tummy! I swear she looked like she was at least 8 months pregnant! I, trying to be nice and make conversation said, oh how exciting you're going to have a baby! When's it due? She said, oh honey, I'm not pregnant, I have 6 kids and this is what's left. I thought I would DIE! I apologized profusely, turned around, and sunk way low in my chair the rest of the service! I can honestly say that that is the most I've ever been embarra__sed!



The same thing happened to my friend, she went in for a manicure and the manicurist asked how far along she was. My friend lied and said 6 months! My friend has never even had children! LOL .


aurorabunny - March 5

LOLOLOL I see that a lot of us have accidentally done this, so that should make you feel better!! When I was about 36 weeks pregnant with ds, hubby and I went to our hospital to take the tour and fill out our paperwork ahead of time. On our way out , in the elevator, there was a lady with a HUGE belly there with her husband. Of course my dumba__s husband is like "Oh, when are you guys due? Are you here to fill out your paperwork too?" To which she replies "No, actually my husband's sister just had a baby and we were just visiting them..." LONGEST ELEVATOR RIDE OF MY LIFE. The lady was so polite about it but I wanted to crawl into a hole and DIE!!!!


pinkbo0tlace - March 5

Meanie. LOL. J/K. It was an accident


hello - March 5

I have seen bulging stomachs and obvious signs its a baby in there but i still wait to be told for fear of what happened to you, sorry that happened....How was her reaction?


Rabbits07 - March 5

I try to refrain from asking questions like that unless it's obvious (wearing maternity clothing...of course nowadays maternity clothing looks like regular clothes...or they touch their stomach a lot). Sometimes even when it seems obvious as in your case, you turn out to be wrong. If she was that small and looked that pregnant then she has probably heard it before. I was having some very severe stomach problems about 7 years ago and my stomach would get severely distended. I once went to the ER because the pain was so bad and the nurse thought I was preg....I wasn't offended because I knew that was what it looked like. Anyone who has a tummy so big that they look pregnant has to know that they look that way so I wouldn't think they'd be offended. Maybe a little embarra__sed, but not offended.


Emily - March 5

Ha, ha…..I was at a local polical function with my hubby and bro in law ans his wife and I was just barely showing. ( I am a bit bigger so I was def in that is she fat or pregnant stage.) Anyway one of the campain mangers for one of the canidates was a very outgoing nice lady. We talked a lot. It was after we had been talking to each on and off haldf the night when she finally asked when I was due. I could tell she was feeling me out, trying to gather form our conversations if I was pregnant. She didn't want to offend me. I felt pretty good that she pegged me for pregnant. (she just wanted to be sure before she said anything!) I have heard so many stoires like this that I tend not to say anythign to someone who doesn’t mention it herslef……ha,, ha….


eclipse - March 5

When I was 36 weeks pregnant, I had this little old lady ask if I was pregnant. I said "can't a girl go off her diet for one day without getting that question?" Just kidding. I said yes, and she asked how long, I said 36 weeks-she looked at me like a deer in the headlights and her friend said she doesn't know what that means. I knew before I was even thinking about kids how long a pregnancy was. I said just started my ninth month-she still looked at me. I said "I have 4 weeks to go." LONG elevator ride.


Deirdra - March 5

LOL! I was uin the other guirls postion...i was at work speaking with a customer and my boss and she actually RUBBED my belly!!!! asking me how far along i was....now i am having a hard time dealing with weight as i found out i have a thyroid issue....so im gaining weight like crazy...i was VERY offended...maybe i wouldnt have been if she didnt rub my belly....but yea...i got over it...the lady didnt even apologize when i told her nicely that i wasnt, but that i had a baby at home...i was PISSED!


Lala - March 5

I. too, have had a lady rub my empty belly and comment on me "expecting". This was before I'd been pregnant, and in front of a circle of people I knew, right before I was going to speak infront of a large group of people! talk about nerve-racking! It was awful!



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