Home Made Baby Food

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monica - November 22

does anyone know how to make home made avocado for baby food?


Just - November 22

Mush it up, really ripe ones are best.


monica - November 22

but this is suppose to be babies first fruit. Wont it be too thick if I just mush it up?


kate - November 22

how old is baby? mushing it should be fine. if not, then add a bit of formula/b___stmilk - whatever she normally eats.


momma - November 22

id make it the same way id make any other baby food, make sure it is ripe, cook it thourohly and puree it add water too it it will keep longer that way


momma - November 22

Thanks momma...baby will is only 4 months but I hear avocado is a great first fruit. I just didnt know how to make it. I didnt want to get baby sick.


Fabienne - November 22

Sorry if this is a silly question but... you cook the avocado ?? I'm also interested - Matthew is starting solid food :)


Jbear - November 22

I looked it up in my baby food cookbook. It says it's suitable for 4-6 months and to make it right before you feed it to the baby (otherwise it turns brown). It says, "Halve the avocado, scoop out the pit, and mash half the avocado flesh with a fork, or puree to the desired consistency with about 2 tablespoons of b___st milk or formula." My own experience, usually you don't cook avocados. If you're keeping something prepared with avocado in the fridge (like guacamole) put an avocado pit into it, and then cover with plastic wrap, so that the plastic wrap covers the surface of the food. The green skinned avocados have less fat and a firmer texture than the black-skinned ones.


feel silly - November 23

Hi, I just wanted people to know that avacados are something your baby may be allergic to...I am, but didn't find out how common it was till I started asking people.


Shelly - November 23

I would NOT cook an avocado.I know it was my favorite when I was a baby (ages ago LOL ) and still is.


momma - November 23

go to recipiegoldmine.com and check out the baby food catagory there are some great recipies there! tip: use water to thin it if you are storing it for any length of time it will keep better avoid anything acidic and berries and maybe even things you are alergic to that way the baby shouldnt have any issues i have made my dd baby food and she seems to like it better than the homemade stuff and its cheaper too


momma - November 23

i ment she likes homemade better than the store bought stuff



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