Homemade Baby Food

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Jenn... - December 26

For Christmas I recieved a really nice food processor. Today I made Blake's food for the first time. He enjoyed it much more than usual! I made him chicken with broccoli and cheese. I boiled the chicken and the broccoli and blended it with the cheese I added just a little bit of water to make it the consistency he likes. I froze what I didn't use in ice cube trays then moved that into a ziplock bag. Does anyone know how long it is okay to store in the freezer? Also, is it okay that I gave him cheese? He is 6.5 months old. Anyone have any favorite recipes they would like to share?


Ashley - December 26

I have no idea about the cheese thing. My daughter loves meat with some sweet potato, and a little bit of potato blended. Also, chicken with carrots blended. Sometimes, I blend just her favorite veggies together and she loves it.


Shelly - December 26

My son is 4.5 months old so I still don't have any experience with solids,but I thought you were not supposed to give them any milk products at that age!! You may want to do some research on the cheese issue!!!


C - December 27

Store in freezer 4-6 months. Natural cheese (don't give them processed) should be introduced after 8 months. I guess if you don't notice an allergy or intolerance it should be fine? I would ask his doctor too. I've given my son cheese prior to 8 months and he's still doing fine. You should really buy a baby food book that tells you when you can introduce what. The one I have has tons of great recipes. It's called "Super Baby Food".


momma - December 27

i read on a recipie website that has a baby food section (recipiegoldmine.com) that it can only be stored 2 months but as long as id doesnt have freezer burn it should be ok my dd likes carrot/celery and sweet potatoes and anything homemade the best ever since i made her sweet potatos she wont eat the jarred kind she also loves mack and cheese when dh or i make it i set some aside for her but you should be ok as long as you avouid anything acidic



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