Homemade Babyfood Question

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EricaG - March 12

The next food I plan on making my baby is pureed apples, what kind of apples would be best for this? I imagine a sweeter kind would be but I don't know the different kinds because I don't like or eat apples. Thanks :o)


CyndiG - March 12

I don't know the answer to your question, I would think probably just a red delicious or rome, something that you would like to eat would be good??? Do you make all your baby food? How do you get it smooth like the jar kind? I started out making Carlie's, but I just can't get it smooth enough. Although, she's almost to where she would rather have what's on my plate! LOL!


Bonnie - March 13

Applesauce. :P lol seriously though I don't know. But wholesomebabyfood.com has great info on this.


Mingill - March 13

My lo isn't on solids yet, but I plan to make his food for him. For apples, I would suggest the softer apples, like a McIntosh. They should puree up nicely.


Shannah - March 13

i agree on the macintosh, they puree up nice!


ChristinaBonBon - March 13

I puree apples for my baby and have heard that red ones are better than green apples as they are milder and sweeter and taste less acidic......hope that helps :)


flower.momma - March 13

Whenever I've used apples before I think I've used galas (they're the cheapest). I've found that baking them, rather than boiling them down, really makes them a lot sweeter. I just cut out the core, then puree the whole apple, skin and all (the skin contains nutrients and fiber).


Heather F - March 13

I liked to used ganny smith apples, I would peel them chop them into cubes and steam them and then puree them before freezing them in ice cube trays.


EricaG - March 13

Thanks ladies, I tried Michigan Apples. I'll try macintosh apples next time, these ones seem a little tart, but they'll be fine. CyndiG, yes, I make all my own baby food, I just steam the fruits or veggies until they're tender, put them in the blender, add the desired amount of water and blend until they're smooth. I've made sweet potatoes, sweet peas, green beans, b___ternut squash, Apples, bananas, pears and peaches. So far the only wone that I've had a problem with getting smooth and creamy is the sweet peas, they're fine when they come out of the blender but after they freeze and unthaw they take on amore gritty texture which Abby doesn't take kindly to, so then I just mix some rice cereal and water in it until it's smooth.



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