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jwhite - January 16

hi ladies, have any of you used homeopathic medicine for your infants colds or coughs? My husband has researched on this stuff called cherry bark blend to help her with her coughing. For you who would recommend this please advise me on this, she is 5.5 months old. or any of you who have found stuff on homeopathic medicines please let me know the side effects or anything. Thank you!


ashtynsmom - January 16

We use teething tablets, and they are homeopathic... but that is my only experience with them. They work great for us!


Lisastar9 - January 16

I am not sure it is wize to give any kind of meds regardless if it is homopath or not. I would let nature take it's couse is the best remedy. IMO


mcatherine - January 16

My 4 mo old has taken homeopathic remedies BUT we actually see a homeopath in person for them. The only homeopathic thing we buy otc is Zicam. I don't see her until Thursday - I can ask if you would like.


Kara H. - January 16

I am always wary of giving homeopathic treatments to babies/children. While they most certainly can work, you are never 100% certain of the exact strength you are getting. It is just like produce - some have a stronger taste than others. Just like different batches of plants can be different strengths. Then there can also be quality control issues within the processing plants. 20/20 did a special on some herbal supplement. Every bottle they tested contained a different amount of the active ingredient - sometimes it even varied pill to pill. While I take Hoodia and Kava Kava myself and understand that there are probably large varients in my supplements, that just isn't a risk I am willing to take with my baby. You should call your ped. Ours let Max take OTC infant triminic thin strips at 5 months (HALF of one strip). I would much rather give something that from an OTC company that has strict quality control standards that something that isn't regulated my anyone.


jwhite - January 16

mcatherine yes would you please find out for me especially for her age. The stuff is called Eclectic Kids Herbal Cough Elixir, or could you call her or could I have her number?? It has wild cherry bark, horehound flower and leaf, licorice root, elecampane root, red clover blossom, black cherry concentrate, gumweed flower & leaf, lobelia leaf & seed


jwhite - January 17

mcatherine we also have antimonium tartaric_m and spongia, will you ask her about those two also. Also let her know the ped gave us amoxicillin for her ear infection so are those going to interfere with that?? Also ask her if we should just do the echinecea for her ear infection and the antimonium tartaric_m for her cough. I have not heard from my ped today yet on if my dd has RSV.


rl- - January 17

I have only used the teething tablets and not even that much, would be best to consult the pedi first i would think


Rabbits07 - January 17

I am paranoid about homeopathic, otc and rx meds! With the homeopathic I worry as someone said about the fact that they don't have the same quality controil standards as otc's. With the otc and rx meds I just plain worry about unknown side effects....I seen a post on here not too long ago where some young babies died after od'ing on cold medicine. DS has two unopened bottles of RX cold medicine from his last two illnesses that I got filled, but never opened. I went ahead and filled them in case he got really bad, but he fared fine without them.


mcatherine - January 19

jwhite - sorry, but I don't think I have been much help. We have had the flu and I wasn't on to see your second post, so I only asked about the cherry bark blend - which she doesn't recommend for infants under the age of 6 mos. She also does not promote any homeopathic remedy sold otc pretty much for the reasons everyone has stated already. Are you getting it from a health food store or a holistic medicine center? I bet they can point in the direction of a homeopath that can mix these remedies for you with exactness. I don't allow my children to have antibiotics until it becomes absolutely necessary - we go to the chiropractor for ear aches and things like that. I do know on the occasions I have allowed my oldest to have them, we gave him acidophilus. Any health food store sells it - they even have it espcially for kids! Like I said, I haven't been much help. Sorry. I do hope she feels better.


jwhite - January 19

mcatherine do you know if health insurance pays for homeopathic physicians?


Erynn21 - January 19

I have a really wonderful book that the local health food store owner gave me when I was pg w/ my dd, it called Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, it goes into homoepathics, conventional medicines, and naturopathic remedies for children's common ailments. It's really good and it has a ton of information on everything from teething to starting puberty in older children. It helped me clear up my dd's case of thrush by using aloe vera gel. This would be a good investment for you if you are into natural remedies for your child. It gives you information, doses, side effects and so many other things, it has become indispensable for me. Hope this helps.


mcatherine - January 19

Insurance won't pay for it as far as I know, but I would check anyway. Did you make a decision as what to do yet? I gave my son tylenol this week only because he is miserable. We usually don't medicate. The only remedy he has had was for consitpation. Is your daughter still sick? How long has her ear been infected? Have you considered chiropractic? Insurance will cover that in a lot of cases!! Usually, if you get a chiropractor that is in to wellness - they know a lot of people in the wellness community like homeopaths, reflexologists, holistic doctors, and alternative medicine therapists that can help you out a lot. Erynn has a good idea, too. (very smart!) Its a huge book, but you don't have to find the time to read it c to c - just find what you need out of it kind of book.


Erynn21 - January 19

Thanks-I really love that book, it was one of the best gifts I got before my dd was born. I couldn't believe how fast the aloe worked on Nora's thrush, it was gone in about 2 days. I personally think it's a great investment and I like how you can just look up what you need. It has been really helpful for me.


Erynn21 - January 19

jwhite-I actually just looked up your cherry bark in the cough section of the book I mentioned and DON"T give it to you dd, it should NOT be administered to children under 4 years of age, or pregnant women, large doses can be toxic.


jwhite - January 22

mcatherine where do you live? We might be looking for a homeopathic physician.


jwhite - January 22

erynn21-Have you used this for illnesses also?? or do you take your kids to the doctor?



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