Horrible Congested Cough And Nose Anything I Can Do

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ImpatientMommy - May 19

I know there is no point in bringing her to the doctors unless she's wheezing because they can't do anything if she's not. But she's not. But she does have a horribly congested sounding nose and cough. She does it the most when she's asleep, which I'm guessing is because of her position but I have her sleeping at such an incline she's practically sitting up! And she also does it the most when she's eating because obviously that doesn't help the coughing and flem in her throat or whatever so I make sure she takes a lot of sips of water while she's eating so it helps wash it down. Is there anything else I can do for her. The cough just sounds HORRRRIBLE. Is there any point in giving her Motrin or Tylenol if she doesn't have a fever? I don't know if it'll help anything?


ImpatientMommy - May 19

I forgot to mention that her nose is very congested sounding when she breaths through it but it's also VERRRRY runny.


AliG - May 19

To relieve nasal congestion I use Saline Drops. I also found a cold mist humidifier worked for my lo at night. I don't think the Motrin or Tylenol will help if she doesn't have a fever or body aches. Basically my approach is to minimize the symptoms and just wait and let the cold run its course.


ImpatientMommy - May 19

I've been using our cool mist humidifier on full blast at night, I can't tell if it's helping or not because she seems to cough the most when she's asleep anyway so who knows if she'd be coughing more without it. I have Ocean nasal drops, these are ones that my pediatrician recommended, I didn't feel like they did anything last time but I'm going to try again, it's just so frsutrated when it's interrupting her sleep, I feel so bad!


kimberly - May 21

You are right that there is nothing they can do for a common cold other than what you are already doing. They do have a vicks baby rub it seemed to help my dd some. If the cough is a infection like bronchitis they can be put on steriods and antibiotics so if it gets worse take her in.


mjvdec01 - May 21

definitely give her some Motrin. Think about when you are really congested and you have all that pressure in your head. Motrin is like Ibuprophen and will take down some of the pressure in her sinuses. A warm mist humidifier is great as well. How long has she been sick? If it has been over a week then I would take her to the pediatrician to have her nose and ears looked at. It isn't uncommon for a cold like that to spread to an ear infection or a sinus infection and they can look for both. I would also put her in a really warm bath,or even a hot shower with you to get her sinuses to drain. I do this with my daughter twice a day along with the humidifier at night and Mortin every 6 hours when she is horribly congested. I notice a difference in her within 20 minutes to a half hour and she just seems so much more comfortable. Also, something cold to drink will help if her throat is sore from all of the mucus.


mjvdec01 - May 21

Just to add... I am not big on medicating my daughter, however, if she is miserable and there is something I can do to make her more comfortable, then I will do it.


ImpatientMommy - May 21

I got Baby Rub but the one by Little Colds. I feel like that helped. It seems to be getting better on it's own, thankfully. It seems as though she's coughing a lot less and the cough definitely doesn't sound as bad as it did just even yesterday. Thanks for all the advice everyone! I appreciate it!


Crystal83 - May 22

Have you ever tried to suction out the snot with a bulb syringe? I was always afraid to use one before when my 2 oldest were babies, but with my LO now I've been using it everytime she get a stuffy nose since she was newborn. It really helps to do it before bedtime and feedings, even though she doesn't like it. I also have tried putting a cloth with some real Vick's vapo rub on it, adult stuff, and I hang it over the end of the crib, that seems to help quite a bit too. And , of course, a humidifier helps as well. I know how it feels to have a really sick baby and to feel like you can't do anything for them because they are so small. Hang in there.



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