Horrible First Period

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squished - September 29

Just a couple days ago I was curious as when I would get my first pp period and BAM yesterday here it comes. Sorry if tmi, but I almost feel like I'm going to bleed to death!! I had bad periods before this but good god this is bad. I have cramps and clots and I feel like I've done nothing but go to the bathroom to take care of things. They should warn you about this :)


kimberly - September 29

I agree we should be warned! I remember having my first and all anyone talked about was how bad labor was, nothing about the postpartum period after delivery. I just had my third and just had my first period too and it was awful and it lasted 7 days! My periods usually last 3 days, so it was long. Hope it goes away soon!


suze42 - September 29

Squished, I feel your pain..really..i just got mine at 10wks pp and OMG! I was PMS for a week before...i swear i thought i was pg...my b___bs were sore, i gained 5lbs and was a complete basket case...then the floodgates opened...horrible cramps, really heavy bleeding and im on day 5 and going strong. At least i started my pills so hopefully no more of this c___p.


wailing - September 29

I got my 1st one at 6wks pp and it wasn't that bad BUT, the 2nd one at 15wks (just pa__sed) was AWFUL!!!! I've never had one so heavy. I thought I was going to have to go the hospital. Seriously, somebody should tell us that! Thank goodness I was at home when it started!


DB - September 30

Ok, here's a question...I am bf (almost weaned)...I'm 8 months PP...have had nothing yet...so does that mean I'm doomed for this awful PP period as well?!?!?! I have fertility issues, so I'm not even sure I'll get a period, but NOW I'M SCARED!!!! I wonder since it's been so long if it won't be as bad...probably wishful thinking huh?!?!?


javidsgirl - September 30

db i have pcos so i fell ya on the fertility issues i am currently on my first pp period i am 7 weeks almost 8 weeks pp. so far it isn"t really that bad alot lighter than my reg. i am bf and supplementing. i hoping they won't get worse but i guess i will just have to wait and see


wailing - September 30

DB--my first period at 6wks was not bad at all and lighter then others. It was the 2nd one recently that was bad (15wks). I also b'feed exclusively so I was shocked when I got mine so soon. Be happy that u've gone 8 months w/ out one!!!!!!!


amb5879 - October 1

when do people usually get their period pp??? I only b___stfeed and am 13 weeks pp. Do I need to prepare myself? Can't say I missed it that's for sure! :-)



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