Hospital AGIAN

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Deirdra - March 8

so it seems like i am always at the hospital wiether it be josh me or the baby. well its the baby agian! well as some of you know i posted yesterday about his cogestion and i took him to the drs and he brushed it off as brochitis...but he is worse...his cough is horrible...hes unbelieable fussy and he has only taken have the amount of formula he normally takes in a day...he took his solids better...a bottle it to stressful for him b/c he cant now he has a fever!!! so i call the dr on call and they say i should bring him the ER so he can be admitted...YAY! so ill let you all just worried he has RSV AGIAN!


Deirdra - March 8

have is half*****


ry - March 8

Oh Deirdra, I hope he is ok. The poor little guy. Keep us updated. :(


krnj - March 8

Hope he is ok!


Bonnie - March 8

Deirdra, I sure hope all is okay sweetie, my thoughts are with you guys!


sahmof3 - March 8

It has been some winter, huh? I hope he feels better soon!


BriannasMummy - March 8

Aww w poor little guy. How much can that poor little boy take. It must be hard on you all! Ka__sidy just got over a chest infection.. i couldnt even imagine having to deal with RSV. My thoughts are definatly with you. ~Kristin~


aurorabunny - March 8

Sorry Deirdra. =( I can't even imagine...I will keep you all in my thoughts.


LollyM - March 9

Aww, poor kid! hope he gets better soon, and I will be checking back to make sure he is ok!


Lisastar9 - March 9

How is the little man today hope he feels better.


KLC - March 9

Deirdra....I was just thinking about you and wanted to check and see how you rlo was doing. Hope he is feeling better today sweetie :)


Bridget - March 9

My DS had an RSV type infection and they gave him oral Albuterol and it worked wonders. Have they given you that? How old is your son? My guy got the Albuterol at just under a year. Is he barfing when he coughs? My DS did that (mostly first thing in the AM because of all the collected mucus from the night) so I had to give him solids first thing and a bottle later on.I'm not sure how old you DS is so this info may not apply but I sure am thinking of you guys and and will say a prayer he feels much better soon.


lexa - March 9

Aw Deirdra....hows it going? Any word on Trent? Hope all is well (((hugs)))


Deirdra - March 9

ok...the update...sorry it took so long...they just looked at him and sent us on our way and said he doesnt even have brochitis...which p__sed me off to no end...but yea...i have been giving him his nebulizer...which is every 4 hours...he has that b/c of the rsv he had when he was a month now he has lost his voice and still has a fever...hasnt really eating i dont know he had been cranky like crazy! i just dont tired and cranky b/c i cant make him better...ill keep your all updated...


LollyM - March 10

aww, poor little guy, well I hope you guys feel better soon!



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