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Deirdra - February 14

So as most of you remember i posted earlier about DS being completely out of his ive been giving tylenol regualary i figured it was a bad teething day but hubby was holding him and his head was boiling he has a fever of 101.1 so im off to the hospital...i am a hoprrible mom how did i not see this!!!!!11i let you asll know


CyndiG - February 14

Carlie was sick about a month ago. Her temp got up to 103.9 in the middle of the night. I called the dr. twice, and they told me don't worry till it's over 104. I ended up taking her in the next day because I was still worried, and they told me the same thing again. Sent me home with nothing but a give her tylenol and call me when it's over 104 or if she runs the temp for over 3 days.


Ca__sJ - February 14

I hope he is okay! I will say a prayer for him!


Steph - February 14

Hope he feels better, but CyndiG is right, a temp of 101.1, is not anything to go to the hospital about. Trev had one of almost 104 last week that was caused by his ear infection. Anyways, a fever is not necessarily a bad's showing that his body is working properly and is working on fighting off what he has.


C - February 14

I think it depends on the age. I think if they are under 3 months, you need to call for any type of fever. I usually wait 3 days before I take my son for a fever. I don't even give him Tylenol unless it gets really high or he seems really uncomfortable. A fever is the bodies mechanism to fight off infection so for a mild fever I don't give Tylenol. Anything over 104 needs to come down because that can cause other problems.


Steph - February 14

Also, I didn't mean to come of harsh....your a first time mom and when they get a bit of fever, it can be scary! I know your just a concerned mom! :o)


Topaz - February 14

You are a horrible mom by no means! I did the exact same thing this past weekend. Dd was fussier than usual one day and I figured she must be teething. It was her first birthday too by the way. I gave her some teething tablets and she seemed good to go. We had dinner with some close friends and family, and after dinner I realized she was burning up! She had a fever of 103.3 so I gave her infant tylenol and put her to bed. Her fever came down and the next day she was back to her normal self eventhough she still ran a slight fever. I just couldn't believe how quickly the fever came on and felt so bad not to recognize it earlier, but it was the first time she came down with a fever. I'll chalk it up to a learning experience.


Rabbits07 - February 14

Fevers can come on really fast...and sometimes even a child with a fairly high fever will act as if nothing is wrong. Also, as the other ladies stated 101.1 isn't really all that high (though I know it seems like it when it's your lo). Hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon.


Deirdra - February 14

Well I called my dr and i was told to go so i did...he has a viral infection and still a fever and they want to check his blood for cancers and not to sure why and im kindof nervous about it? it is routine...i felt so bad watching them take his blood...thank god josh was there josh had to help hold him down while i cried in the corner i couldnt bear it...but he is happy and in bed now still a slight fever but all is good for now...


Steph - February 15

Umm, how do the doctor's think that they are going to check his blood for cancer? Viral infection, like a cold/flu is way different than cancer. You can't check for cancer in blood.


apr - February 15

where does Cancer come in? My ds always gets fussy before he gets fever. I had that with him a couple months ago and I was sure he's teething, and that evening he was boiling. Viral infections go around all the time, and it has nothing to do with cancer. Interesting...


ConnorsMommy - February 15

cancers? that sounds odd.. i brought my ds into his doctor 2 days ago because he had a temp of 104, he vomited 14 times that day, and had extremely watery diarrhea.. and all we were told was: pedialyte, tylenol, and saltines.


Lala - February 15

Steph--I'd say most childhood cancers are found accidentally on routine blood work. A CBC counts the differt cell types in the bood. With leukemia, the white cells are WAY off.


Deirdra - February 15

its what lala says....cbc counts and celel counts and such...thats how they determine childhood cancers espcially babies b/c their is no other way to tell...


Rabbits07 - February 15

Alot of doctors order CBC's routinely in babies and children with fever when there is no other obvious cause of the fever present (ear infection, congestion or other cold symptoms, etc.) Don't fret about it. If a nurse or doctor mentioned cancer to you then I'd say they were way out of line and jumping the gun big time. IMO that is a pretty cruel thing to do to a mother, especially a young, first time mother.


mcatherine - February 15

Children can also withstand much higher tempatures than adults. I don't freak out until 103.5.... Hope he feels better!


CyndiG - February 15

I agree with you Rabbits. That freaks me out for you Dierdra! I'm sure everything is fine, but gosh what things to give you to think about! Don't worry!



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