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Jennifer - January 2

Hello everyone. I new to Infant Care! I had our baby girl on Dec 28th. She is such a peanut! I am finding the hardest thing is hot or cold! Is she too hot or is she too cold! I just can't seem to get it right! She seems to be fine. Her face gets a little cold at times but she is covered with a long sleeve ones, a fleece sleeper and wrapped in a recieving blanket. I lay a fleece blanket over her when she is in her papason thing. She don't fuss or anything. She is a great baby. Just find it really hard with this. Her temp under her arm is 96.5 about and U have heard that you actually raise it 1 degree if it is under the arm which would make it 97.5 which is normal. My chart thing says 94.4 to 99.1 is normal. Any thoughts!


amanda.d - January 2

Welcome Jennifer!!! Congrats on your daughter. I found that the easiest way to find out if they are too hot is to feel the back of the neck and if its sweaty she is too warm. I too have a "peanut" he only weighs about 11lbs now and he is 3 months (he weighed 61/2 lbs at birth). I also found that he liked being really warm and I put baby mitts on him and he sleeps alot better. Hope this helps:)


Barb - January 2

the best way to handle this is to go by how YOU feel...if you're comfortable in long sleeves then so will your baby be....if you're chilly and need a blanket, then chances are she is too :) I always wondered about that too, but as time goes by you'll know her needs just fine. My daughters hands are always ICE cold...I'm guessing bc she always sucks on her hands....sounds like you're keeping her warm just fine :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 2

Welcome Jennifer and congrats! I usually go with feeling my son's neck to see if it is sweaty! My 4 mo old is no peanut. He weighs almost 18lbs!


Lisastar9 - January 2

My guess if her lips are not turning purple then you must be doing he right way of parenting judgement.. Hope this makes sense..


Shelly - January 2

newborns do have cold feet and hand b/c of their poor circulation,so don't go by that.The above posts are right,just dress her as you dress yourself and check the neck!!


CEM - January 2

Congratulations on your new baby Jennifer and welcome! I have always done this with my kids: dress them how you would dress yourself PLUS one layer. So , for example, if you have on pants and a t-shirt, you could put a sleeper on your baby and a little sweater. Feeling behind the neck is also a good way of judging. I always say if in doubt, better a tad too cold than a tad too hot. Good luck with your little angel :).


Sarahsmommy - January 2

I was told to feel the tummy or the back, because of the poor circulation thing.


Christy - January 2

I ditto the above posts. Just want to say congrats and welcome. :)



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