Hotel Daycare

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waiting100 - February 7

Just wondering if anyone has used a hotel daycare? We are going on vacation to a four star very fancy resort in September and bringing baby (he will be 1.5 years old). I was going to bring my mom to babysit but the hotel informed me they use a daycare/babsitting service and have used it for 15 years (company has been in business 25 years). They are licensed/certified/cpr certified, etc. They have grandmothers who have worked for company for over 10 years and also college age sitters. All sitters are females and come to your room to sit baby. We are thinking of using one so hubby and I can go out to dinner and then drinks one or two nights - Anyone have any thoughts on this.


ashtynsmom - February 7

Sounds good to me if your child is not afraid of strangers. My dd will go to anyone (for now) but I heard once they get around 18 mos they start the "stranger danger" concept. You may have to wait until closer to time to decide, since her personality can change a lot in the next 7 mos!


SonyaM - February 7

Personally I wouldn't be comfortable with a stranger that I have never met watching my child. Perhaps if the child was older and could communicate what went on but not a little one. Now if there was an actual facility to take the child to where there were more staff than just one person for some checks and balances I might feel more comfortable.


Mia06 - February 7

I am sure they are qualiied but I personally would not feel comfortable with a strange woman coming into my hotel room while their is no one else to check up on them. There is too many crazies out there IMO. Your mom cannot go after all?


mcatherine - February 7

We've use them - but only for our older child because, well obviously we just got this one :o) I would actually book the sitter when you book the trip and cancel if you make the decision not to use her. They aren't always so easy to get once the dates get closer. Just be prepared for the price. I also used to do it when I was younger. I never worked with any crazies, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. I would think if it is an acutal company and not just a list of sitters - then it is probably pretty safe. You can also call the hotel and talk to the concierge - ask if it is endorsed by the hotel. Another thing - you can also have a sitter and stay on the hotel so you are able to check on them whenever you want. If the hotel is pretty nice, then chances are the bar/restaurant are too.


ash2 - February 7

I would be kind of iffy too with the older ones....they have ways about them that docs dont spprove of these days. However, it doesnt sound bad for an older child : )



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