Hotslings Question

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wv_red - May 26

Hi ladies, I need your opinions. I am currently 40 + wks, lol but I was wondering about the hotsling. Is it worth buying it? What are the benefits? How easy is it to get baby in and out of? All in all what is your over all experience with it? Thank you ladies for any insight you can give me :-)


sarah21 - May 26

I can't tell you anything about the hotslings, but I am using the maya wrap, which is similar. I love it. It took about a month before my little one had enough neck strength to really enjoy it since she likes to be up and about and looking around but now it's great. I can eat with her in it, clean house, etc. I would highly recommend some kind of sling!


meg - May 26

I also really can't help much, but I'm currently about 36 weeks pg., & I just ordered a hotslings. I'd heard really great things about them, so I've decided to give it a try. I also have a 20 mo. old, so I figured a sling would be great...& I wanted something fairly simple...hope I like it!


surewinwilliams - May 27

I have a sling and it hurts my shoulder. Check out the sleepy looks really cool..wish I had found it before I bought my kangaroo sling.


jacobsmom - May 27

I have a Hotsling and one other sling and I love them. It gets a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it- how to put baby in and out and how to wear it so it doesn't hurt your back or shoulder- it is a great item.


jen327 - May 27

Hi, I have ALL the slings, well not really, but I have a Moby, Maya, hotsling, beco, maitai, bjorn. So I have used them all. I loved the moby when he was little because I would wear him around the house and do skin to skin bonding. But once he was about 10 weeks, i was done with it and all the wraping. I invested in a beco b___terfly, which is the BEST sling ever. You can put infants in them with ease and dont have to worry about droping them or anything. And you can wear toddlers on your back. My son is now 10 months old and I wear him on my back ALL the time, everywhere. When he is fussy at home I put him on and wear him all the time. I am pretty big into baby wearing and believe in it's benefits. The issue I have with the hotsling is the sizing, you can't change the size so if you change, after your milk comes in whatever it is harder to fit the baby. I have boughten two and really never liked them. I am a larger women, size 16, and have big b___bs so that might be why. But just not a fan. I do have a Nojo which is a right sling that I love for just plopping him in while we are running into a store. But my fave is the beco, they can go on your back as soon as they can hold their head up, but you can wear them on your front and side. The b___terfly is really nice because you fasten them in first then put them on your back. ANyway, just my 2 cents, if you have more questions, I would be happy to answer them.



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