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New mom - December 2

Hey ladies just wanted to ask you all: what is the most adorable thing your baby does that melts your heart?? It's so amazing that my 11weeks son when he was born he was so adorable he just used eat and sleep i was so curious for him to just wake up look at me, but now when he is 11weeks he does tricks with me that melts my heart he coughs false just to make me come back to him, he makes lovely noises and smiles like an angel that i just can't stop admiring him, he knows how to make me busy with him he replys me back with coos, bubbles,haoo's,and moo's when i ever i want to he learned another trick he suddenly gets in pleasant mood and rubs his face on my chest and hides his face and then looks back at me and smiles and talks and hides his face again, keeps doing this and i forget what i was's so adorable he does this now every day..aren't they amazing???


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 2

I agree, I love all the "baby" things they do! Amaya is now almost 7 months old and she has started saying MaMa and Dada and actually knows who is who! I love it


Shannon - December 2

i hate it when my 5 week old cries but i think when she sticks her bottom lip out when she does it she's adorable. when she rubs her face in my b___st and when she plays with her tongue it's cute. i basically love anytime she's not crying mostly, though. lol


kris A. - December 2

Mine is one week old today, and I stare at her all day long, and half the night. It doesn't hurt she is so far a very quiet and alert baby who only fusses when she wants her bottle, but since she is on a three hour schedule i know to have it ready. My older daughters are also deeply in love, so I have to let her go while they mother her as well, and I miss her while they are holding her, I have to swallow the urge to say, now give her back! My 15 year old just cant get enough of her. I am so blessed with my family. That is what I am most aware of, an unbelievable feeling of total contentment. Wishing you all the best.


Helen - December 2

There's so many things I love to see him do. Recently it so cute how ecited he gets when he sees his food coming and its so funny to see him eat a cookie. He goes nuts for a cookie too.


kris A. - December 2

One more thing, as I watch my 15 year old smiling down on the baby, I am just in awe of the wonders of womanhood. That I created this beautiful girl/woman with a blond ponytail and ribbons in her hair looking down at her tiny baby sister who looks just like her ( only little) , it just amazes me that we are responsible for their upkeeping and developing their sense of self and faith and beliefs... not an easy job by any means. And though Chelsea ( the 15 yr old) is not perfect, she is pretty darn amazing. I have to remember to tell her that. Anyways...


Shawna - December 3

I just love the contented look on her face when she nurses with her eyes closed.


ally - December 3

Thats really lovely kris a, u must be very proud. I used to adore the smiling in the sleep, the eyebrows would move and it was so cool, now i love when i put her to bed and she fake coughs, talks to her toys, its the best to listen too. She is 6 mths and i really want her to always be a baby but of course i dont as well, i know u all understand


sam - December 3

i love the way my son raises his right hand to touch the back of his head with his eyes closed when he's eating (he looks so laid back and content)...i love when he stands up with that proud little smiley face...i love when he does the false cry thing and i go to him and he SMILES at me!...i love when he giggles as i kiss his cheek...i love when i'm rocking him and he coos himself to sleep...okay, now i'm getting emotional, i'm just in love with everything my little guy does. he also hides his face on my chest sometimes when someone else comes to talk to him while i'm holding makes me feel so special! oooh, i'm in love!


sheree - December 3

i love it when my neally 5wk old holds her hand up to her cheek in a fist whilr she sleeps and when she was born her ears was bent down and we have since noticed that she holds it in her sleep too, i think this is so amazing that she is still doing something that she did in the womb!! Baby are so clever.


angela - December 3

my 7 month old just started to give hugs and i love it. i just feel this great love for her and its amazing to see she realizes that i feel like that. i cant wait for her to give me kisses, so far she only puts her wet lips on my cheeks i guess its better than nothing. :)


chelsey - December 3

I love it when my 4 1/2 month old reaches out for my face with both hands, then tries to eat my face when he pulls it closer to him! He always lets out a little "rarggghhhh", when he does it. He is so darn cute.


awww - December 5

I can't wait! I'm still pregnant, and I know the crying will eventually get to my nerves like it does with pretty much everyone, but I can't wait for all the other stuff! Thanks for sharing, ladies!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 5

I love how Lucas gives me drooly open mouth kisses, and smiles while I am feeding him, and "talks" to me all about his day when I get home from work, and how he clutches my pjs while we sleep to make sure I am there. He is so beautiful I can hardly stand it!


Heidi - December 5

When I was pg with Emma I wasn't thrilled and was saying how everyone could watch her so I could have my time away and after she was born I didn't want anyone to touch her!!! I just totally fell in love with her. When she was a week old my boyfriend's parents came to visit and I had this horrible urge to rip her out of her grandmother's arms!!! I couldn't believe it. I was like pacing the floor whenever anyone would hold her and I prayed for her to cry so I could have her back!!! Is that nuts or what? I felt like a momma bear freaking out over her young. Ha ha! I was able to control myself though but just barely. Now she's 8 wks old and I just love her even more but I'll let people hold her now. Hee hee! Her dad doesn't get to much cus I like to use the excuse she's hungry and I'm the one with the food! I remember when she was about 6 wks old and I woke up and looked in her crib and she looked up at me with this huge smile and it melted my heart! Now she coos and gurgles a lot and smiles at people. I love holding her when she sleeps too. Being a mommy is just awesome! And this is coming from someone who never wanted to have kids!!! Everyone is in shock when they hear me say all this gushy stuff!


Kathryn - December 5

The most wonderful thing my son does is light up when I come home from work. He gets a huge smile, puts up his arms and whoever is holding him better hold on because he will jump out of their arms to get to me. It makes everything worthwhile.



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