How And When To Stop Breastfeeding

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pebblesnbambam - October 2

I am LOVING bfing my lo and don't want to stop yet, but thinking ahead to a trip to mexico in February. With my son I had to stop bf cold turkey at like a month, so just went through HELL for a weekend or so and then dried up.. How do I go about doing it with my lo now? She will be 8 months in Feb and although I wouldn't mind bf at nights until a year old, I don't want to bring pump with on vacation and pump... Any idea's on how to slowly wheen my lo... maybe stop daytime pumping at work in Dec.... only do evening and night feedings... then slowly wheen those in January??? I hate even thinking about stopping right now. I love the bonding! Thanks


sophie elise - October 2

may I ask why you think you will have to stop in February? I'm going to Mexico in December with my daughter (she'll be 3 months) and I'm still going to bf exclusively. I'm not going to pump down there, I'll just be feeding here straight from the source. By the time she is 8 months, she'll be on solids, and you'll probably only be bf'ing her a few times a day. I think that if you want to continue bf'ing her to 1 year, you definitely should. I don't think your trip should be a problem. GL


MNMOM - October 3

I think the point is that you will be in Mexico WITHOUT your lo, right?? Maybe wait until January and see how you feel, you may be ready to be done bf then, and you can wean before your trip, or quite cold turkey which is the way I did it last time and probably will again, it is hell for a few days but ultimately a faster process according to my dr. I think if you decide to wean, there is no "right" way to do it, you have to do what works for you and what you are comfortable with.I think 90% of weaning is a mental/emotional struggle and 10% physical.


sophie elise - October 3

LOL, MNMOM, that makes a lot more sense! I guess because of my situation (taking the trip with my lo) I a__sumed that the op meant the same thing. Thanks for the clarification!


pebblesnbambam - October 3

Yes.. MNMOM.. we are going without kids.. hence my problem with not being able to feed and not wanting to take the pump. I agree.. it is more mentally tough than anything.. By 8 months she may have made the decision on her own that she is done.... I am just dreading it right now!!! Thanks much for your advise!



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