How Are Your Babies Sleeping

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nini - October 28

Briauna just turned 4 months and her sleeping is improving a little better .Even though i'am still very tired i'am so addicted to this website that i cant even let it go.


Barbara - October 28

Hi! My son just turned 4 months on friday! He has always been a great sleeper...Since he was 2 months old he has slept through the night :O) I feel very lucky! Recently he has learned to flip over from his back to his belly. So for about a week now he has been sleeping on his tummy it makes me very nervous but every time I flip him over he goes right back to his tummy.Good luck


d - October 29

My baby 7 months sleeps very well during the night. Prior to 7 he occasionally wanted a night feeding. After feeding at night I tried burping and waited for a long time and he didn't burp but he still continued sleeping. It didn't bother him. I've always have had him sleep on his tummy. His crib is right next to me so if he murmers or make the slightest sound I'm right there to check on him. He has been very good at turning his head side to side while sleeping. I like that he hasn't developed a flat head on the back by not sleeping on his back. At 2 months he also developed good neck muscles to support his head when sitting up which he developed by turning his head side to side while sleeping.


sam - October 29

my son is a little over 11 weeks and he goes 6 hrs between feedings at night even though I don't go to sleep when he does (like i should)...I think i'm addicted too! I can't wait until he sleeps 10 hrs a night.


Toya - October 29

Asjani will be six months next week and she sleeps 10 hours per night. Has slept through the night since 3 months.


Liana - October 29

my daughter didnt start sleeping through the night until about 5 or 6 months. I am not sure but maybe because i didn't feed her cereal or formula and she was hungry more often..


krystal - October 30

i got really lucky with this one. Since day five he knew his nights and only woke to eat and get a diaper change and right back to bed. That was about every 3-5 hours. he is 7 weeks now and sometimes he goes 7 hours. My daughter was like that too 10 hours straight from 3 weeks on. my 2 yr old son was a little different, he decided that he was gonna stay up all night for the first two


Jamie - October 31

My 12 week old goes to bed at 8:30; she wakes up at 5 because that's when her dad's alarm clock goes off (we co-sleep) so I go ahead and nurse her, she'll fall back asleep til 9 a.m., then will eat, and play until a nap at 11, wakes up at noon, eats, plays until 3, wakes up at 4 and plays til she gets hungry again at 7; then bathtime followed by bed.


TC - November 1

My hunka chunka is 2 mos old and he sleeps for about 5 hrs at night. If we put him down at 12:30-1, he does not wake up until 5:30-6. I am sooooo happy that he does that. Even though he goes to sleep so late it feels so good waking up at 5 or 6 in morning instead of 2 or 3.



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