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TiffanyRae - October 12

My LO is eight weeks old and weigh's in at 14 1/2 pounds! We had to go to the doc yesterday for something else and of course they weighed him...I asked the doctor if he is ok at the weight and he said he is fine because he is a very long baby.....but I am not convinced. Alex eats every three hours on the dot....and drains both br___ts. If we go a MINUTE over he is hysterical!! The nights are killing me! How big was/is everyone else's LO at eight weeks? and how long are they going between feedings? Do you think I should suppliment one formula feeding at night? Even though we are feeding every three milk supply is perfect for I am confused. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!


TiffanyRae - October 12

hmm...just thought of something...maybe this should have been on the b___st feeding forum! Sorry ladies if off topic!


DDT - October 12

At 2 months my ds was 12lbs 6oz (born at 7lbs 4oz). He was 22.5in long. How long is your lo? My ds was fairly short (for a boy) and looked very chunky! At 4 months my ds weigh increase started slowing down to 1 lb a month (which is fairly common). I don't think you have anything to worry about. A baby cannot have weight issues (especially at this age). I think just keep doing what you're doing. If you want to see if giving formula at night will help him get through more than a 3hr period give it a try one night. It won't hurt anything to try. GL.


kimberly - October 12

My dd is 8 weeks and I would say she is about 11.5 lbs. She was 10 lbs. 4 oz. at 6 weeks. She was little when she was born, only 7 lbs. 2 oz., I think you have to consider thier birth weight too. If he was big when he was born then it sounds about right. In my son's baby book at 2 months he was 15 lbs. 2 oz.. He was a chubby baby and is thin now at 4 years old.


TiffanyRae - October 12

Alex is a little over 24 inches is a BIG boy....but both DH and I are big...I am 6'1" and Dh is 6'4". Arg. Both of us were big babies as well. Thanks for the info though! I guess I know he is ok...but my neighbor had a baby a week before me and he is a SHRIMP next to Alex! lol But I guess they are all different and special in their own way!!! Thanks again!


TiffanyRae - October 12

Oh and ALex was nine pounds at i guess thats five and 1/2 pounds in eight weeks.


eclectic66 - October 12

I don't know if my input will help you feel better or not as I have a bottle fed only baby, but just to help ya feel a little bit better re your lo's size. My ds was born at 10lb 6oz and at 5 weeks weighed in at 15lbs!! He is now 11 weeks and weighs 17 lbs and is 26 inches long!!! He is a monster!! LOL The pediatrician says I gave birth to a I was really worried at one point that perhaps something was wrong with him like "giantism" and I had to actually as the doc about it. As you can imagine he tried not to laugh at my question but he did rea__sure me that my baby is just a very big healthy boy and that he appeared to get all the big and tall genes from both myself and my husbands side. I am just 5'7 and medium frame and my dh is 6'1 and lanky so of course we were suprised to have a baby this large, but it happends. As far as how much he eats it's about 5oz every 3 hours on the dot (much more during growth spurts) and since you b___st feed then I guess its hard to gauge how much your lo is eating, but it sounds to me like you just have a very healthy baby boy :-) Welcome to the big baby club :-) Lol


crystal74 - October 12

Hi, Lincoln has always been off the charts since he's been born. Well no even before that when he was in my belly I was always 3 weeks larger than the average. at two months he was 16lbs 10oz and 24 inches long. and you know that he did start out at 11lbs and 22 inches.


crystal74 - October 12

Hey Tiff, are you on cafemom? If not then you should join.


excited2bemama - October 12

I would not supplement with formula unless you need the break. Your lo is prefectly healthy at that weight. I have 2 friends who have boys that were 15 lbs by 2 months. One of them is now 21 lbs at 4 months and he is totally b___st-fed and my friend says he drains both b___sts at every feeding, Your lo sounds fine and it sounds like his mamma is doing a great job with the b___st-feeding. I think i read that b___st-fed babies gain alot in the beginning and then slow down as the first year progresses. My lo is 14 lbs at 4 months.. but she is a girl and she is a shorty... Although she has the chubbiest thighs I have ever seen! :o)


c_baer19 - October 12

My LO is 2 1/2 months and 12 pounds, 8 oz - she is 23 inches long, born 7 pounds, 4 oz. She is b___stfed and eats every hour - so I don't think your little one eats too much. The doctor told me it was normal, and just to feed on demand. Hope I helped a little!


sahmof3 - October 12

My youngest was 14 lbs. some oz. at 2 months, I forget the length, but it was probably close to 25". He was totally b___stfed at that point. He was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4" at birth. He's still a big boy at 2 years old :-)


wailing - October 12

My lo was about 13lbs at 2 months and 24" long. I'm a tiny thing (5'2") and daddy is 5'11" but not huge. Everyone who sees our baby says he's a chunker. He's 4 months now, still eats every 2 1/2-3 hrs, b___stfed only. Like Excited said, I don't think u need to supplement unless u need a break ( I did a few times in the beginning). But, now we are fine. Sounds like ur lo is doing great. My friend said her son (bIg bb too) tapered off on the growth and chubbiness once he started crawling and standing. Now he's pretty even and cute as ever:-)


guccigal87 - October 13

dont worry my ds was the same wieght at his age and 26 inches... now HE IS ABIG BABY lol now at 8 months he wieght 21 lbs... and the doctor says it completly fine... i just got a football player on my hands haha and im telling you this kid can pack back the food like nothing... he eats three jars of food a day 4 bottles 1 apple juice PLUS snacks... he always has to have a cherio or crackers even if he isnt eating he hides it so he can find it later... my addvice is to start saving for solids now hahah


lily10 - October 13

My dd was 13.5 pounds at her 2 month check up. Girls tend to be a little smaller then boys so to me your LO sounds just fine. My daughter is exclusively BFed as well and is now 3.5 months she still wakes in the night for a feeding. From what I have read BFed babies tend to bulk up pretty fast then they even out around 6-7 months. As far as supplementing with formula I am not sure that will make your LO go any longer through the night. He may still wake up and want to be fed so I would just stick with the b___st if it were me. Or you could pump some BM into a bottle for a night feeding if you need more rest. I am thinking of doing this as well because I am back to work and need to wake up at 5am everyday and my daughter still wakes at 3am for a feeding and its wiping me out.


drea - October 13

I dont think you have anything to worry about. my dd is very big also. At 2 mos she was 12lbs 12 oz and 23 1/2 in long. She has been over the 100th percentile since her first visit and she is fine. She is still big, but once she started getting mobile she started to slim down. now at 12 months she is 26 lbs, whcih is still big, but for the first time she did not gain weight b/t visits. She is a great eater and eats anything we put in front of her and always wants more. It sounds like you have a healthy eater which will only help you once you start solids. Some babies are very picky eaters, which makes it harder down the road. No need to worry. Big babies are so cute :-)


TiffanyRae - October 13

Thank you all sooo much! I guess there are alot of big babies out there! the last two days Alex has really stabalized...he eats every three hours during the day and every four at night. And let me tell you...I WILL TAKE IT! lol Four strait hours of sleep is heaven for me! And I decided not to suppliment with formula. I just don't want to introduce the bottle...I don't mind much about formula but I want to stay away from nipple confusion! ok anyway thanks again ladies I appreciate your comments sooo much!



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