How Can I

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Deirdra - January 18

make my LO sleep more peacefully during teething??


ash2 - January 18

Tylenol or motrin.......Tylenol every 4 hours, and motrin every 6 hours.


Shana B - January 19

I put orajel on my lo's gums then give him tylenol. It usually always helps. Does you dd take a pacifier?


rl- - January 19

you can also try the teething tablets they are supposed to help with sleeping too.


Deirdra - January 19

What is a teething tablet??


ry - January 19

Hi Deridra, there are two kinds that I have found Dr Hylands's and Little Teethers. They come in a small bottle (kind of looks like a tylenol bottle or something) and they are tiny white pills that dissolve in the baby's mouth. I dont know how they work or what they do but they are all natural and provide relief from teething pain and help them sleep. I swear by them and if baby has been having a really tough time, I would give him 3 tablets with a bottle and a dose of tylenol and he should sleep soundly. You should be able to find the tablets a drug store in the baby isle.


jilly01 - January 19

teething tablets are a GOD SEND!!!


missy - January 19

Rum----lol just kidding!!!!


shelly - January 19

or whiskey[just kidding also lol]


Deirdra - January 19

how much cost??


Shana B - January 19

not trying to take over the forum, but did you get my package?


Lisastar9 - January 19

I am not sure how much they cost in the states but in canda I pay $10.00 a bottle. There are 125 tablets in a bottle. I ould to strt to give 1 to 2 tablets first off. Increase gradually as your babies weight increases. Steven is very close to 20 lbs he gets 4 at a time he is also 10 months old tomorrow. I have used them on my other kidsfor teething also. Steven knows they are his medicine for teeth. When he gets really bad I give tylenol too.


Deirdra - January 19

yes i did thank you helped me get 2 cans of the formula...thank you so much and my son tanks you long do the tablets last??


Lisastar9 - January 19

I am not sure but my guess a couple of hrs. I maybe give two doses in a day. I am sure you areaware of the noises ds makes when he is teething. You would just give him a dose and see hoe he does. Everybaby is different. I give the tablets straight in the mouth. They dissolve very very easy,they don't even chock on them.


tyler0323 - January 19

green onions!! my daughter used to gew them like it was candy when she was teething. but for sleeping, tylenol and orajel works great


vonzo - January 19

i use calpol and some dentinox rubbed onto her gums. A cuddle from mummy or daddy until she's asleep and she's away... well most of the time :o)



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