How Can I Get Her To Eat

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Emily - February 26

Mary is two and a half. She has a bad break out of cold sore in her mouth. The doc said it is common for little ones and she was especially suseptible cause she is getting a molar in. Apparently it is air born, which surprised me, I figured it would be a contact thign…..She is on an anti virual medication and I am giving her tylenol to help keep her comfortable. My problem is that A- She ahngs on me all day and I can't hardly do anything with my 8 mo old. She cries all night. I have to sleep next to her half the night and even still she wakes up crying every hour. B- she has not eaten anything in three days. She will not drink her juice ( I think it is probably too acidic for her toung ) She will drink Milk, chocolate milk. So I have been pushing it. She is still going to the bathroom so I am not worried about dehydration so much (but have been watching for it.) I am worred cause now she tells me her tummy hurts. My guess is either, it is her medicine, or that she is hungry. I am not kidding, she will not eat anything. What doesn't make her sores hurt, it hurst to chew due to her tooth coming in. (she keeps telling me her back hurts and pinting to that tooth) She didn't eat anything Friday. She ate three small spoonfuls of Mashed potatoes on Sat and a coupel bites of cottage cheese on Sun. The only other thing she will take is a popcicle and I almost have to force that. She won't even eat her sister's baby food. (usually we can't keep friut in the refriderator cause what Marcy doesn't eat, Mary does.) What can I do to get her to eat? I think most of it is that each time she trys to eat, it hurts, so she has stopped trying. At least what I can get down her is milk, so it will help with the hunger thing, but this can't be good. The sores on her lips are looking better, they are really starting to dry up, but the ones on her toung are still pretty awful. (better, but still not pretty, poor thing) She keeps whining and that is not like her. Once in a crying fit she told me she wanted the sores to get away. I almost cried for her! I want her to feel better and I want my happy little girl back! What can I feed her that will at least not hurt her sores or her tooth and how can I get her to try it? Maybe if I can just keep her fed, and the hunger wont be as bad, while we wait for the medicine to help more.


LisaB - February 26

What about milk shakes or smoothies? Of course nothing acidic but maybe a good old fashion milkshake will get her to get some calories and numb her mouth a bit. Poor baby that makes me sad for her :( I hope it gets better soon. I would maybe make a big deal out of getting her a milkshake from McDs or something just to make it a big deal. If she will drink that I'd stock up on banana and make her a choc/banana shake sneak some wheat germ in there and you get some protien and extra calories too.


melissa g. - February 26

i think the milkshake is a great idea!!


Emily - February 26

I will have to try that one......she will lick on some popciles but that is about it.....thanks ladies...any other ideas? THe doc just told me to keep fluids inher, cold ones if she will take them and make sure she doesn't get dehydrated. but how do I tell my little girl she just has to be hungry until the sores go away?



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