How Can I Get Him To Sit In 3 Weeks

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torbman - February 13

Ok, so Joel has three girls to carry him around alot so sitting has never been really important. He loves to stand and plays in his exersaucer quite a bit. I have a physiotherapy appt. for Joel in 3 weeks, and when i was there last time she expressed how much he was behind because he couldn't sit yet. Joel is 8 months old and was 6 weeks early. I do play with him on the floor and sit him up. He seems to like to be there, but just can't seem to catch his balance. Is there anything more that I can do for him?


Emily - February 13

8 mos at 6 weeks ealy put him at about 6.5 mos comparable to full term babies. Marcy was sitting at 6.5 mos but not very well or for very long. As long as he is doing well on other things I wouldn’t' know why they would worry so much about the not sitting thing. As for what you can do, I would say you are doing all you can. I do not know much about this though as both my girls were full term…Maybe someone else can give you more help. Hope eveyrhting goes well at your appt.


Erynn21 - February 13

If he was 6weeks early technically he's 6.5 months, so he would be in the normal range of sitting up, I mean they are trying to make him developmentally older than his little body really is, in What to Expect the 1st Year, he's in the range of normal, esp when you figure his "real" age. You can't make him sit, just keep trying what you are doing.


Rans - February 13

We started using our Bumbo as soon as our dd could hold her head up really well and I am sure it is why she can sit so well now (she is 7 months). She started out sitting in it for a couple minutes a day and now she would sit in it all day long if I let her. She has absolutely no problem sitting on the floor, in the tub etc. I feel that having the molded seat of the bumbo really helped her develop her posture and ability to sit well. You could try it, you could likely find a bumbo at toys r us and start using it right away. I bet it would help him to increase his ability before his next appt if you started soon! Good Luck!


Rans - February 13

Forgot to say also that he will do it in his own time, when he is ready. Don't worry what the PT says, give it time and it will happen. It's not like he is a year and not sitting, don't stress about it, your a mother, you have enough to stress about already!! (I do feel that the bumbo helped our dd though!) Take Care!


EMBERBABY - February 13

I like Rans believe my lo is able to sit (only for about 2 minutes, she will be 5 months on the 16th) because of her bumbo. I think it helps with lo's posture and muscle development. Give it a try it might work =0)


mcatherine - February 13

I sat in the floor with my legs in a V with my son between them - facing in the same direction to play with toys. He used to lean back on to me, but got to where he only had to grab onto my thighs to gain his balance. I started scooting backwards until eventaully he was sitting in my knee area and he only had to grab on every once in a while. When I would sit him by himself on the floor, I put the Boppy pillow around him and he would grab onto it for his balance. He was sitting una__sisted for about 10 mins at a time at 4.5 months. Now, he can do it a little longer, but he's too interested in sucking his toes to sit upright, lol. Your son will get there - I'm sure he's fine!!


AnytimeLittleone - February 13

Torbman... do you have a b___stfeeding pillow? My dd is 6 months.. and she will sit by herself, on the floor, with the b___st pillow in a crescent around her. At first we put it there so she wouldnt fall backwards and whack her head... but what it did.. was give her that minimal amount of support needed, to help her build her abdominal muscles, so that she can now sit independently (but still with the pillow behind her, so she doesnt whack her head.. lol!) Try that! Im sure it'll work...


K - February 13

I agree you should try the Bumbo. We put dd in it right before she was 3 months, and within a couple of weeks she was sitting up all by herself for a long period of time. I am sure the Bumbo is responsible for her doing that so early. Of course, we didn't get a whole lot of use out of the Bumbo because once she could sit by herself for as long as she wanted she no longer wanted to be in it, but it was definitely worth the money anyway.


LollyM - February 13

I have been putting Ava in a sitting position on my lap since she was 1 month old. She always wants to look around! she started sitting independently at 5 months which is pretty early i think. My point is, the more exposure they have to sitting, the sooner they will get the hang of it. My sister started doing everything late also. She wasn't early, but she had a loud cry that no one in the house could stand so we brought everything to her She didn't need to do anything herself!


LollyM - February 13

Anytime, we also did that with Ava, and we still put the pillow there to prevent head whacking lol


ashtynsmom - February 14




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