How Can I Get My DD Off My Chest At Night

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sfrog68 - October 1

My dd is 4 wks today and when we first brought her home she slept in her crib for the 1st couple nights just fine, then all of a sudden she refuses to sleep in it at night. When she takes her naps during the day she will sleep in it just fine but I don't understand the night time thing. I have tried everything, the swing, the bouncy seat, and crib, the only place she will sleep at night is on my chest or in the bed between DH and I. What can I do to get her in her bed and out of mine? I am tired of sleeping on the couch with her on my chest because I don't like her in the bed with us due to DH moving around way too much I am scared he will roll over on her. Please give me any advise you may have.


kimberly - October 1

You know I am having the same problem. My dd is 6 weeks and she will go to sleep in her ba__sinet and then at about 2:00 she will wake and not want to go back to sleep in the ba__sinet. I wait until she is almost asleep and then I put her down and she wakes instantly. It is fustrating. She is my third baby and my last so I guess I am spoiling her a bit. If you really want to change it you are going to have to put her in her bed and let her fuss it out for a while. At her age she is to young to self soothe, but you shouldn't pick her up with every little cry either. Consistancy is the key, just try not to give in to holding her all night. If you do continue to do it, you will find it much harder later to break the habit then if you do it now. Good Luck!! I know it is hard, but it will be worth it.


wailing - October 1

At 4 wks they are still so young, they need alot of comforting. Have u tried swaddling her really tight? Alot of times they just need to feel snug in order to be secure enough to sleep. Ds only slept in his swing or carseat for the first few wks. As he got older he transitioned easily to sleeping by himself. Maybe try swaddling w/ a blanket that smells like u? When they fall asleep on u, ur scent puts them at ease.



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